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“A MOVEMENT towards a #betterLIFE”

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We can evolve our thinking, our behaviour and our perspectives if we focus on personal development and knowledge.

Homo Sapiens as a species have regressed, have lost touch with the energy force of nature and will not progress until self awareness and knowledge in this area is prioritised and understood.

As a community and as individuals we must raise our shared vibrational energy and take care of our cellular health.

It is now no secret we have been indoctrinated into a Roman western society dating back 1000 years that simply by design does not support health, self value or spirituality and the real sciences on energy and self healing have been suppressed in order to maximise profit, commerce and capitalism.

It is an inconvienient truth!

The traditions of the east have been lost on the west and I feel it is time we got back to our origins.

 We move inefficiently, we consume low food quality, we are overly stressed, we are distracted by propaganda and we have very limited spiritual awareness and education.

Our vibrations have literally been lowered by the environment we live in.

I believe this is a result of an inadequate school curriculum and a misleading governmental environment that only supports the capitalist profit machine rather than an individuals spiritual awakening, true health and happiness.

Our connection to the universe, its magic, has dwindled, our education gets worse, our freedoms have been reduced and we are in need of a change in societal standards and practices.  

We need to get back to being more human, build stronger communities and reconnect using occult knowledge.

Self sufficiency and self ownership!

This website and my courses are here to change the way society views their health, awareness, movement, mobility, nutrition, spirit, mindset and lifestyle.

Please feel free to explore my variety of online programs, informative articles and insightful blogs on how to live a #betterLIFE.

Energy | Frequencies | Vibrations 

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About Coach Sebastian
About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

He has a passion for creation and believes strongly in process, self awareness, and diligent planning and is here to make an impact in your life.

Sebastian is the Founder and CEO of 6 startup companies and has travelled to over 24 countries with the aim of self exploration.

He has also dedicated his most recent stage in life to coaching people towards better lives via coaching & gym network.

He has played world cups for his country and is discovering more about himself each day via the diversity of information available to him.

Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

"A movement towards a #betterLIFE" ~ Sebastian

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