[Supplementation] – Tongkat Ali – API | Testosterone | Mental Clarity

Great supplement that doubles your API and will give you greater mental clarity and focus throughout the day.

Also boosts your testosterone levels back to a normal level which is necessary for those who have been training hard.

Tongkat Ali: A Testosterone Breakthrough to Restore Health and Youth

• Supports Read More

[Supplementation] – Fish Oil – EPA & DHA Components

We should have around 2000mg of EPA and DHA per day. Spin the bottle around and have a look at the back to make sure your Fish Oil presents you the best value.

Great source of Omega 3, healthy fats and is a great anti- inflammatory and a better option Read More

[Essential Knowledge] – Detoxification – The Truth & How To Do it!

This is probably going to one of the most important articles I ever write and it will be relevant to everyone, young and old and in particular our future generations.

In fact it is that important that if you do not read it and implement such practices and awareness into Read More

[Observation] – Do you know what the term ‘Awakening’ means?

Do you know what the term ‘Awakening’ means?

How about ‘Spirituality’?

Some people never awaken from their slumber, a slumber by design to keep you distracted from the reality of the society you were born into.

Life can be challenging, I get that. Mostly because we are all still trying Read More

New Year New Action – Week 8 Update

Moving into week 8 of 12 of my new year daily eating routine.  I missed my week 7 update last week as I was away for the weekend so did not get the chance. Back onto it this week.

I will share my body composition results at the end of Read More

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[Observation] – 100th Monkey Effect

Something I talk about often is about the power of one and the universal connection we all have. Our social awareness and sense of knowledge will come down to our ability to create a scenario of critical mass of understanding on the subjects that matter the most.

Energy, vibrations and Read More

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[Observation] – Do you consider yourself a survivor?


Do you consider yourself as a survivor?

Do you tell people you are surviving life?

I remember asking someone I had not seen in some time how they were.

How had they been going since I last saw them.

It had been a good 10 years in fact and their Read More

[Fitness Advice] – 7 Primal Movement Patterns – Do you move well?


As a coach I am focused on helping, supporting and guiding people to achieve a multitude of athletic, basic human movement and lifestyle-related goals where QUALITY of movement is always understood and done with intent.

This quality, focus and awareness is paramount and integral to my goal of building better humans.

Fitness and health Read More

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