[Video Blog #41 – Essential Viewing] – A Must Watch – BitShares Heronomex Announcement (VIDEO)


BitShares, Steem, Golos and Peer Plays are on the fastest and most reliable blockchain tech available – GRAPHENE!

The future for Blockchain is capacity, transparency, integrity and speed.

Get on the BitShares and Steem train and get behind the Graphene brothers and sisters who are the sleeping giants of this entire Read More

[Video Blog #40] – Crypto Asset Class – Is It Legitimate?

Is the crypto asset class legitimate?

Well, when you assess the market cap I would say yes.

Do you think investors are stupid enough to invest 90 Billion into a sector that has no merit?

I highly doubt it.

When you look at the potential of the blockchain and understand Read More

[Video Blog #39] – Tether – The Best Way To Buy Bitcoin?

I have now started using Tether to exchange my fiat currency for digital currency and I find it is the best way to get Bitcoin on via exchanges where will find the best up to date market price.

This can save you some unnecessary middleman premiums via alternative methods.

I Read More

[Video Blog #38] – Sonm Passive Income – World Wide Super Computer

I am always looking for a great opportunity and to find those that provide solid passive returns for initial effort is always of interest.

Will Sonm provide a good passive income?

Sonm is looking to create a world wide super computer using blockchain technology, smart devices and the world gaming web. Read More

[Video Blog #37] – Will Millennials Destroy Bitcoin?

This week we have seen a major pull back and somewhat of a mini crypto crash.

It had to happen and it is good for the sector.

I feel it is a good time to consolidate and assess what happens over the coming day and get a good feel for Read More

[Video Blog #36] – Crypto Market Update, Monaco ICO & Niches

Today I will discuss what I think will win in the next few years as well as go through what Monaco Card is offering the crypto-space and what the ICO holds for investors.

I also feel good about Bitcoin pulling back in the last few days as it has stabilised Read More

[Fitness Advice] – Sled AMRAP

As a coach I am always coming up with new ways to get the best out of my clients and it is very important to maintain a routine that is not only effective but functional and sustainable.

Robert is an IT specialist who has had some time off training due Read More

[Video Blog #35] – Vote For Your Favourite Coin – BTCC Exchange

Vote for your favourite coin to ensure it is included on the BTCC Exchange.


What ever coin gets accepted to this new market will benefit greatly and we will see an increase in market cap literally over night.

If you are invested in these coins then I suggest Read More

[Pyramid Technology] – Electromagnetic Fields & Our Health

I think we need to have a broader conversation about EMF!

All electrical appliances produce electromagnetic fields which are damaging to our health.

Typical electric appliances run at 50-60hz which is significantly higher than the earth’s resonance which is around 7.82hz.

Our bodies magnetic fields range between 7-10hz.

When EMFs Read More

[Video Blog #34] – What Is HappenIng To BitCoin & The AltCoins Today

Don’t panic sell is rule number one.

Never make brash trading decisions otherwise you will regret it.

Like any storm you have to sit it out and wait.

Learn to use it to your advantage.

Sure some people sell and buy back in on a low and improve their position however this Read More

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