[Video Blog #129] – BANKEX – Monetising Your Assets

Being able to monetise your assets in real time is another amazing attribute to blockchain technology and BANKEX is going to provide greater access to these assets to their community and the world.

Passive incomes are a great way to improve your financial position and BANKEX has a series of use Read More

[Video Blog #128] – Market Update – Wave 3 & What To Expect?

Join me in my latest market review video and update.

I feel there is still more to see and will we see a correction soon?

After 5th December?


The market to me is starting to really heat up and major corporate interests are now entering the space and we Read More

[Video Blog #127] – Hdac – Good or Bad For Society?

The reality is that technology is here to stay and it is only going to advance.

As an individual it is important to be mindful with our integration to technology as it can consume us, distract us and disconnect us to nature and our true self.

The information highway is Read More

[Video Blog] – Personal Commentary & Opinion – Web Bot Nov 2017

Private video and commentary.

What do you think of it?

JOIN? – Telegram Group

~ Sebastian

Please NOTE: All videos and articles are not financial advice. These are 100% personal commentaries and opinions. 


SOURCES: All words in my post Read More

[Video Blog #126] – Hdac – IOT Devices & Contracts (Crypto)

Hdac has already raised 13000BTC in the Asian markets and is focusing on providing a full scale blockchain that will provide not only a digital asset but a technology platform that will bridge all IOT devices together to enhance our everyday living.

Hdac is already building an apartment block which will Read More

[Video Blog #125] – BABB Intro Video & Smart App (Crypto)

BABB will enable anyone in the world access to a UK bank account providing leverage to those who need access to greater opportunities.

This as a concept is a good one and I am interested to see how it evolves and how that translates to the space and alternative cryptocurrencies. Read More

[Video Blog #124] – BABB Review – Decentralised Banking (Cryptocurrencies)

BABB is initially focusing on the UK jurisdiction with a focus on enabling more people to have access to the blockchain and a UK bank account in its simplicity.

Via the Black Card and associated phone apps, BABB will connect Central Banking options to the everyday user in a decentralised trust Read More

[Video Blog #123] – Market Update, Confido Crunch & A Correction Due

Are we due a correction?

We are into the third major wave and it has really surged forwarded in the last month or so which can only lead to a correction.

I can see December as being the month for that however this space is unpredictable.

Confido investors need to Read More

[Video Blog #122] – Fortknoxster Encrypted Platform – A Walkthrough


Today, I take you through a walk through of teh Fortknoxster encrypted platform.

I think this is a great start for a one use, encrypted, cyber secure communication zone.

I have added screen shots below of all the main windows of the demo platform.




TOKEN Read More

[Video Blog #121] – FortKnoxster ICO Review – Encrypted Communication Portal (Crypto)

I have personally been waiting for an interface that enables 100% secure encrypted communication and that is why blockchain is so exciting.

I have signed up to the demo which is a workable product and from what I can see it is very user friendly.

You can use it for emails Read More

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