[Video Blog #132] – My Top 30 Crypto Coins For 2018 (Cryptocurrency)

Please watch my video to find out my top 30 crypto assets for 2018. Adex PayPie EOS Digibyte Verge Bitshares Enigma Blocktix Viberate EventChain Salt Steemit (Steem) Ethos Icon OmiseGo Power Ledger Litecoin Neo Tenx Cardano Spectre Shapre Capital Hdac Pillar PeerPlays Populous Pivx Sonm Golem BitBean After BTC finishes

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[Video Blog #131] – 11 Blockchain Techs To Watch (Crypto)

Today I quickly browse over 11 different blockchain technologies proving that this space is more than just Bitcoin and currency. Blackchain is an evolving space will numerous applications and the video above will shows you just this. Sharpe Capital <Futures Trading BABB <Universal Banking For the World Bankex <Monetising Digital Assets CyberTrust

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[Video Blog #130] – Sharpe Capital, US Tax Bill & A Market Review (crypto)

Join me in my latest video where I discuss some new information on Sharpe Capital and how that relates to passive income. Also it appears the markets are rapidly evolving and the corrections are becoming smaller and sharper. Will we see a 20 day correction like we have in the past?

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