[Video Blog #146] – Repux – Decentralised Data Revenue Streams & Marketplaces

Oh I get it, people value their privacy right?

I do hear a lot of people diminish the crypto space due to the conspiracy of the NWO and the all seeing eye and how all this will lead to a police and nanny state.

That is highly possible, I am Read More

[Video Blog #145] – 7 Blockchain Niches To Watch (crypto)

In business it is important to focus on your passion and apply your energy to a key niche, service or product.

When you do find your niche you can focus on it with greater intent and align with it personally.

In regard to blockchains there are numerous specific niche markets coming Read More

[Video Blog #144] – Equi, Shping and CryptoBnB (Crypto)

Shping is an Aussie innovative shopping application – https://www.shping.com/

I have been using it for a month and earning coins from scanning barcodes and help build the catalogue.

CryptoBnB is a Vacation Rentals Platform – https://cryptobnb.io/

This market is massive and is still under valued and under utilised.

Blockchain smart Read More

[Video Blog #143] – Current – Get Paid To Play (Crypto)

This is for content providers, influencers and everything media.

An application that brings all your favourite platforms together into one place and rewards all parties for the content, effort and time.

There is no ICO as they have secured financial backing already from private investors which shows you the strength Read More

[Video Blog #142] – White Rabbit, Steemit, D-Tube & Rewarding Content Providers

Pirating and illegal downloading of content is still a major issue for content providers and the reality is that most, if not all, streaming sites do not reward content providers in a transparent manner.

Steemit, D-tube and others are changing the way we look at content and prove the value Read More

[Observation] – Cellular Health, Negatively Charged Water & Daily Routines

A video discussing some recent experiences and new found knowledge in regard to cellular health, negatively charged water and daily routines.

I hope these videos inspire others to seek significant adjustments in their behaviour that support great health and happier lives.

“A number of recent reports on the values of fats Read More

[Video Blog #141] – CoinMetro – Innovation Powered By Crypto

There is still a need for decentralised exchanges that provide greater access and more streamlined access to digital assets.

Gateways and bridges for trade between fiat and digital assets will be paramount for mass adoption.

With enhanced security and more functional services and options, platforms like Coinmetro will only support greater volume Read More

[Video Blog #140] – PumaPay – New Crypto Payment Protocols & Systems

I am personally interested in PumaPay for several reasons being that I am invested in crypto and blockchain technology and I am also a small to medium business owner which requires access to feasible and competitive payment solutions that integrate with my exisiting software and business structure.

The payment systems Read More

[Lombok432] – The Logo Competition & A Winner

In 2017 I decided to spontaneously purchase some land in Lombok, Indonesia, with the idea of building a fitness and coaching holiday location.

I am looking forward and taking on a challenge that scares me and excites me so I know I have made the right choice.

I was drawn Read More

[Video Blog #139] – JoyToken – Gamification of Casino Game Development

Gamifying content creation is going to be a huge catalyst to the evolution of many niche markets such as the gaming industry and in particular the online casino market.

I admit I am not a gambler by any means, although you could say I am by investing in crypto in Read More

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