[Lombok432] – It Begins

Life is about taking a plunge and taking on challenges that excite you and in many ways scare you.

Working towards grand plans, goals and worthy ideals.

Today I received my first photos of the Lombok432 development which will be an “adventure, holiday & fitness getaway facility” where I will Read More

[#SebastianRaw] – Why It’s Important To Set Up a Daily Routine

[#SebastianRaw] – Why It’s Important To Set Up a Daily Routine

I find that without a routine I get frustrated, stressed and feel some what off track. I use various techniques to ensure repeated behaviour can be establised. To do lists, clarity lists and schedules.

Seek progression and Read More

[#SebastianRaw] – Establishing Your Why

[#SebastianRaw] – Establishing Your Why

Establishing your reasons, building a foundation and working through some basic elements at the start of your fitness journey.


SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music Read More

[Video Blog #147] – Streamity – A Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange

Do we need more decentralised exchanges?

Is there a strong future for the DEX.

I think we do need more or at least we need to focus on making the ones we have a lot better and more functional.

The current DEX’s like Bitshares and EtherDeltado have liquidity issues and Read More

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