[Video Blog #163] – Countinghouse – Crypto Hedge Funds

NOTE – Found a Financial Report in regard to their exisiting algorithms and past 12 months peformance – REPORT

Crypto hedge funds that promise a return are turning heads and any thing that provides a ROI is of interest.

Crypto is highly volatile and can provide huge returns if the Read More

[Video Blog #162] – Market Review & Perspective (crypto)

I think this market just needs time to mature and the FUD and news is just a by product of the stage of maturity the market is in.

We can talk about news and certain aspects of the market and what elements will determine overall growth but nothing will beat the Read More

[Video Blog #161] – Zero Carbon Project – Incentivising Alternative Energy Solutions (crypto)

Can we do more in regard to incentivising energy companies to deliver better alternative energy solutions?

Can we do more in regard to incentivising energy companies to reduce their carbon footprint?

Can we do more to incentivise consumers to make bold decisions when it comes to how they interact with Read More

[Video Blog #158] – Media Protocol – Build and Reward Audience Networks (Crypto)

The future in interaction based incentives and rewards will be via seamless and direct smart contract based protocols that allows content providers greater control over their content and how interactions are paid.

Media protocol is seeking to empower platforms, content creators and publishers by incentivising their communities with monetary rewards Read More

[Video Blog #160] – CryptoCarz – Blockchain Enabled VR Racing

Gamification of gaming is taking another step forward with CryptoCarz with a VR racing experience like no other.

Own and build your own unique, customised lambo, branded with your favourite crypto and sell and trade them internally on a unique digital asset trading platform.

Is this going to be bigger Read More

[Video Blog #159] – BlockShipping – GSCP – Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry (crypto)

A 12 trillion dollar industry is what the global shipping container market brings to the worlds economy and it is about to change the way it operates for ever with BLOCKCHAIN!

These are big numbers and one of the most critical elements to the successful operation and foundation to the economy Read More

[Video Blog #157] – Yumerium – Gamifying Gaming, VR & Development

Gamifying gaming is going to be one of the biggest markets in blockchain.

It is a wonderful initiative that will reward gamers for attention, reward developers for contributing talent and reward platforms and studios for delivering end user experiences.

Ecosystems built on trust using the power of community, tokenisation and blockchain technology. Read More

[Video Blog #156] – Crypviser – Secure Social & Business Communication Application (crypto)

Decentralised encrypted privacy communications application – CRYPVISER / CVcoin

To me privacy is a basic human right and we should all be more mindful how we interact and communicate on the internet.

For the last 10 years or more our information has been intercepted, skimmed and sold off to third Read More

[Video Blog #155] – Opiria – PDATA – Monetise Your Data (Crypto)

Data Data Data

I feel that it is time we take back control of our data and be more mindful on how we share it.

Every key stroke on the internet leaves a foot print and imagine being able to make money from these movements with your CONSENT.

It was very Read More

[Video Blog #154] – XYO Network – Use Cases (crypto)

In my last video I failed to mention the use cases for XYO Network and their technology.

Here they are and I can see numerous functional uses for this type of tech.

Anyone ever lost their luggage at the airport?

Lost a parcel?

How about had something stolen and would Read More

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