[Cryptonut Podcast #7] – 10 Blockchain Projects – ELA, NEO, BAX, OMG, ONT, BTC, EOS, XVG, SALT, ICX

Here are 10 Blockchain Projects that Dom and I are watching at the end of 2018. An open discussion. 10 Blockchain Projects ELA NEO BAX OMG ONT BTC EOS XVG SALT ICX JOIN? – Telegram Group ~ Sebastian Please NOTE: All videos and articles are not financial advice. These are

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[Video Blog #169] – Clintex CTI – Disrupting Clinical Trials

Disrupting the clinical trials process sounds perfect for blockchain and the power of tokenisation will again prove its worth. Anything that can speed up the process of launching and releasing much needed medicines and products to market faster and in a more costs effect way has value. Encouraging collaboration over

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