[Video Blog #61] – EOS – Big Promises Have People Talking

Please watch my video for my perspective and review. Do I think EOS will deliver a platform that will out perform Ethereum in the long term? Based on what I know about Dan Larimer and his past projects Steem and Bitshares I would have to say yes. When you listen to

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[Video Blog #41 – Essential Viewing] – A Must Watch – BitShares Heronomex Announcement (VIDEO)

  BitShares, Steem, Golos and Peer Plays are on the fastest and most reliable blockchain tech available – GRAPHENE! The future for Blockchain is capacity, transparency, integrity and speed. Get on the BitShares and Steem train and get behind the Graphene brothers and sisters who are the sleeping giants of this entire

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[Video Blog #32] – Why BitShares Is Ahead Of The Game

  Why I like BitShares and why I think it is ahead of the game.  I am emotionally invested in the Graphene and in particular BitShares and all the sister and brothers like Steem, Golos, PeerPlays and soon to come EOS. When you look at what the development team is doing

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[Video Blog #31] – BlockPay, BitShares, Steem & The Graphene

Here is why I think the Graphene family of cryptos are here to stay. Block Pay  BlockPay is an easy, fast & free platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus Loyalty Points and eReceipts. BlockPay runs Standalone (as a free

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