[Video Blog #51] – The World Into Chaos – Next 6 Months?

We have heard it before and I am sure we will hear it again that world is in a financial chaos with most insane world wide debt that you can imagine. Government bonds/derivatives and housing bubbles with a financial sector that has our spent its capacity and quantitative easing (QE) has done

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[Video Blog #47] – Gold, Silver & The Manipulation

Anyone that stacks gold and silver will know how frustrating the manipluation of the market is however in recent times I am starting to understand why. Silver is very useful and is used in most technology we have today. If the price rose too high and was exponentially increasing over time

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[Video Blog #12] – Stack For The Long Term – It is a Hedge!

Gold and silver is a hedge against big movements in the markets and it is always worth having some precious metals within your portfolio. It is also a solid investment over the long term as it holds energy of economics. How much should you hold exactly? I would say what ever you

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