[Observation] – Understanding Inflammation

I feel we need to concentrate more on what exact environmental factors cause inflammatory responses in our body. Inflammation at a cellular level. Understanding inflammation itself. While we are looking at cellular health we should also look at how that connects with Visceral Fat (deep fat) and the choices we make on

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Electric & Alkaline Foods

There is a major part of our understanding of life that we are lacking? Our education system is clearly failing us. Understanding how the body, our biology, works at a cellular level is the difference between having a grand long life or one full of ageing, disease, sickness and unhappiness. To maintain

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Why Drink Structured Water?

Structured Water, Platonic Solids & The Four Elements Platonic Solids are the building blocks of all existence, including spiritual realties.  They encapsulate our understanding of the universe. The Science of the Platonic Solids There are only five solids that can be called platonic solids – the tetrahedron, the hexahedron or cube, the

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