The Only Real Religion Is One Based On Energy & Frequencies

Came across these videos yesterday and I spent all day watching them.

This is my favourite subject and we have so much to learn.

I do feel that we have been spoon fed an illusion and a series of mistruths and information our entire lives and it is time people Read More

[Video Blog #13] – Bringing The Pyramids Back – Energy Healing?

I will be going to Russia next year to study this science and I will hopefully bring back this technoloy to Australia so I can build my own pyramid.

That is the plan.

Lots more to do yet and the research trail for me is on.!

On the basis of Read More

[Energy Healing] – The Pyramids Will Make A Come Back Soon

I am very fascinated by sacred geometry and the direct correlation with energy, vibrations and frequencies.

I feel this science, the understanding of this science itself, are the building blocks to life and when we start to understand how it all works we will unveil an entire new perspective on Read More

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