[Lombok432] – It Begins

Life is about taking a plunge and taking on challenges that excite you and in many ways scare you.

Working towards grand plans, goals and worthy ideals.

Today I received my first photos of the Lombok432 development which will be an “adventure, holiday & fitness getaway facility” where I will Read More

[Lombok432] – The Logo Competition & A Winner

In 2017 I decided to spontaneously purchase some land in Lombok, Indonesia, with the idea of building a fitness and coaching holiday location.

I am looking forward and taking on a challenge that scares me and excites me so I know I have made the right choice.

I was drawn Read More

[Adventure] – Lombok & Lot 432

So I woke up one day and asked myself what I wanted to do next with my life.

I feel I have achieved and learned a lot however I feel I have more to do and more to contribute.

I am 42 this year and as the saying goes 42 is Read More

[Info Graphic] – 58 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

During the week Josh from Webmastersjury and Bitcoinplay.net contacted me via email and asked if I would share their latest info graphic on Bitcoin with 58 cool facts on my website!

So I have and here it is.

Fore more on Bitcoin go to bitcoinplay.net and I hope this adds some Read More

The Only Real Religion Is One Based On Energy & Frequencies

Came across these videos yesterday and I spent all day watching them.

This is my favourite subject and we have so much to learn.

I do feel that we have been spoon fed an illusion and a series of mistruths and information our entire lives and it is time people Read More

[Perspective] – Your Life Path Is Predetermined, So Live It.

When my mother died in 2000, I made a promise to myself.

A promise to not let her down and to ensure I followed through with everything she taught me and everything she wanted me to be.

She gave me the best life possible so I could reach my ultimate Read More

[Observation] – 10 Tips – How To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

I feel that most people have at times in their lives felt awkward in front of the camera and I can say I am no different although these days I am feeling a lot better about the experience.

Do you agree?

Do you cringe at the thought of a photo Read More

[Energy Healing] – The Pyramids Will Make A Come Back Soon

I am very fascinated by sacred geometry and the direct correlation with energy, vibrations and frequencies.

I feel this science, the understanding of this science itself, are the building blocks to life and when we start to understand how it all works we will unveil an entire new perspective on Read More

[Investment] – The Crypto ‘S’ Curve & The Biggest Opportunity Of Your Life Time?

I feel this will be another one of my most significant articles that I write in regard to expressing the immense opportunity for those invested in Cryptocurrencies.

Life changing transfer of wealth.

Anyone who has studied economics and understands growth, supply and demand, energy of economics and understands the power of the Read More

[Investment Perspective] – The Crypto Coin Rush

I will admit I am not an expert and I say this in due diligence.

Is anyone really an expert when it comes to financial markets?

However, I am an invested enthusiast and I take pride in my intuition, foresight, common sense, research and most importantly gut feelings.

All these things Read More

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