[Video Blog #77] – Bottoms, Flash Crashes & 14 Days to Go (Cryptocurencies & Cryptoassets)

Please watch my video for my perspective and review. 16 days to go before that date – 1st of August. I feel it will all just blow over however Bitcoin may have a flash crash before the 1st of August and it could happen at anytime. 14 day retracement? Maybe

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[Essential Knowledge] – The Power Of Frequencies – Energy | Frequencies | Vibrations

There is no doubt in my mind that the understanding of frequencies and their specific purpose and wave length will be the ultimate guide to enlightenment, true health and a higher state of consciousness. This is my favourite subject and I am passionate about it and that is why I

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[The List] – Reconnecting To Our Origins

I enjoy researching life and the universe for what it really is and I feel morally obligated to share what I learn. I am merely planting seeds with the hope you will do more research yourself. Following is a list of nutrition and lifestyle tips to support a greater connection

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Why Drink Structured Water?

Structured Water, Platonic Solids & The Four Elements Platonic Solids are the building blocks of all existence, including spiritual realties.  They encapsulate our understanding of the universe. The Science of the Platonic Solids There are only five solids that can be called platonic solids – the tetrahedron, the hexahedron or cube, the

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Numbers Rule All Things

Personally I am intrigued by the numbers and I am a big Pythagoras fan. A huge fan of the sacred scales and everything to do with energy, frequencies and vibrations. My mother was an astrologist and a numerologist so my interest in this subject and the occult knowledge is strong and has

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