As a coach I am always coming up with new ways to get the best out of my clients and it is very important to maintain a routine that is not only effective but functional and sustainable.

Robert is an IT specialist who has had some time off training due to moving interstate and being out of a routine and his fitness has suffered.

Until now.

What we work on each week is a dedicated lifting program with very specific anaerobic conditioning sessions to ensure he continues to enhance his functional strength.

Functional strength means moving the body in natural sequences that he can then utilise in every day life.

Hence the term functional.

TODAYS WORKOUT – 20 MINUTE AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

1 Lap Heavy Sled Rope Pull
1 Lap Heavy Sled Push
1 Lap Speed Sled Sprint
10 Med Ball Slam Downs
10 Cable Row Each Arm
5 Barbell Press
5 Suspension Reverse Rows
3 Pullups

Robert hit 7 rounds in 20 minutes.

The key to cable rows is to get into a semi squat position and maintain a steady upper body.

Ensure a good tempo is maintain with 1 second on the pull and a 3 second release on the eccentric phase away from the body.

The key with slams downs is to maintain the quality of the squat and ensure great range of movement within the press above you head.

Quality always over speed.

Slam the ball generic viagra in mexico into the ground as if you are trying to break the ball.

This is what makes it a slam down.

The sled pull is one of my favourite back, core and arm exercises and it gets the heart rate up every time.

Always reach out as far as you can with both arms to ensure the longest pull can be obtain with each stroke into the body.

In my gym I have three sled tracks so we always have enough going around and we also have two sled track speeds.

One is heavy and one is for speed action as it does not have has much friction.

Great combo when doing conditioning sessions like this.

The best ways to train are always the ways that you enjoy and it is best to find a community that supports you.

Surround yourself with great people.

Have fun.

Keep rocking up.

I will be writing more on my fitness and coaching so please stick around for more.

Have a great day.


TIP OF THE DAY: Functional training supports your biology so seek classes and sessions that use functional equipment.


SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.

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About Coach Sebastian
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