Do you consider yourself as a survivor?

Do you tell people you are surviving life?

I remember asking someone I had not seen in some time how they were.

How had they been going since I last saw them.

It had been a good 10 years in fact and their answer was profound.

They said to me “I am surviving”.

This was obviously a general term to describe their every day existence.

This did not resonate well will me and I felt confused by the statement, confused by someone who lives with a roof over their head and who had a job.

Should he not be grateful for what he has?

I respected the statement as I have empathy and in a sense understood the emotion, connotation and context.

However, it got me thinking about life and the choices we make.

We are ultimately responsible for the perception of ourselves that we choose to portray to others and we are driving our direction.

So why choose to be a surviver?

Many of us forget we are in fact in control of our own fate and future and every action we make defines this future.

I feel to say you are merely surviving is a statement clarifying your choice as a person to be a survivor.

If you are always thinking about survival, you will always be living on that edge, the horizon, of not quite finding success, the stress involved with inaction and the fear of failure.

Never actually looking for a life of abundance and taking life on for what it is.

Not visualising anything but just survival.

Looking to just get through the day rather than how to make the future better.

“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that originated in evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection.

Is it science or is it based on energy, instincts and determination? Maybe both?

The difference between surviving and making a clear choice to change your surroundings, the environment you live in and create your future is in fact evolution.

Darwin first used Spencer’s new phrase “survival of the fittest” alongside “natural selection” in the fifth edition of on the Origin of Species. Look it up. It includes us. Humans.

“Better designed for an immediate, local environment”.

Humans, and I would be confident to say, many other animals now have a clear self awareness. Conscious thought. An understanding that we exist.

I personally believe there is no real meaning to life apart from the journey you so choose to create.

It is your story.

An experience.

You are the editor and director.

You are also the manager and the driver.

This is your purpose.

“Manage your thoughts. Manage your life”

We live in a time where we have all the resources available to allow us to explore great opportunities and to experience everything.

To make our dreams come true.

Education, facilities, networking, communication, learning and information.

More importantly, we have more support and access to crucial services than ever before.

It is up to you how you utilise it.

This also applies to your fitness and health, your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Get help, find the network of people who are going to best help you get you where you need to be.

From the first day that I started to use Modafinil, I noticed its positive effect.

Firstly, it really tones, gives strength and increases the working capacity.

Secondly, this drug improves memory and attention.

Surround yourself with them.

Personally, I choose to learn and grow beyond today and ensure that by tomorrow I am one step closer to the person I really want to be.

This is a choice.

My choice.

I don’t want to survive.

I want to evolve.

SOURCES: All words and videos used in my posts are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant.



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