I think we need to have a broader conversation about EMF!

All electrical appliances produce electromagnetic fields which are damaging to our health.

Typical electric appliances run at 50-60hz which is significantly higher than the earth’s resonance which is around 7.82hz.

Our bodies magnetic fields range between 7-10hz.

When EMFs come within proximity to our bodies they cause some serious disruption and damage to our cells.

The stronger the magnetic field and the higher the frequency the more damage will occur.

Higher frequency waves start occurring in cell phone transmissions, radio waves, microwaves, wi-fi and other similar devices like smart meters which are much more dangerous than regular electronics.

These are going to kill the human race….slowly and I feel the big boys know this.

It is time to bring the pyramids back and seek ways to remove EMF from our environment.


Do you think it is time to have a discussion about EMF and how we best remove it form our high tech environment?

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About Coach Sebastian
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