[Video Blog #163] – Countinghouse – Crypto Hedge Funds

NOTE – Found a Financial Report in regard to their exisiting algorithms and past 12 months peformance – REPORT Crypto hedge funds that promise a return are turning heads and any thing that provides a ROI is of interest. Crypto is highly volatile and can provide huge returns if the

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[Video Blog #159] – BlockShipping – GSCP – Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry (crypto)

A 12 trillion dollar industry is what the global shipping container market brings to the worlds economy and it is about to change the way it operates for ever with BLOCKCHAIN! These are big numbers and one of the most critical elements to the successful operation and foundation to the economy

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[Video Blog #75] – Who is The Pillar Project REALLY?? (cryptocurrency & assets)

Please watch my video for my perspective and review. In regards to this investment I wanted to know more about the project and the people so I emailed Pillar and asked for more information. Here is what have got for you. We have a “Gray Paper” that focuses more on

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[Video Blog #56] – Crypto Update – India and The Dope Coins

Please watch my latest video above for my perspective and review. The news of countries such as India regulating and legalising Bitcoin may seem trivial however in regard to the market cap and in energy that will follow into the crypto space will be enormous. India is not short of

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[Video Blog #55] – Scam Alert? – Ecoin Plus & Empowercoin.com (Confirmation Pending)

Please watch my latest video for my perspective and review. Alleged Bitcoin investment scheme Ecoin Plus has packed their bags and disappeared. Closed its website too, leaving investors with what seems to be nothing. READ ARTICLE “It would seem that Ecoin Plus doesn’t want anyone to know who they are or

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[Video Blog #54] – Crypto Update, Bancor, Antshares, Digibyte and Siacoin

Please watch my latest video for my perspective and review. Here is the details in my video review. Bancor discussed as the new world currency back in 2011 with IMF sources – Read Article Here Siacoin to be added to a new Chinese exchange by the 25th June (approx) Digibyte

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