[Video Blog #31] – BlockPay, BitShares, Steem & The Graphene

Here is why I think the Graphene family of cryptos are here to stay. Block Pay  BlockPay is an easy, fast & free platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus Loyalty Points and eReceipts. BlockPay runs Standalone (as a free

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[Video Blog #18] – Get Busy With Busy.Org

Busy.Org is an attractive skin for Steemit.com and presents just like Facebook which brings a familiar face (excuse the pun) to sharing social media platforms. We are all accustomed to Facebook and like any platform you do get used to it and workout how best to use it. However, Facebook you don’t get paid

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[Video Blog #16] – Vote For STEEM Here – BTCChina Pump!

BTCChina is looking for voter and peer support for a series of new additions to their cryptocurrency exchange and STEEM is on the list. VOTE FOR STEEM HERE >> https://twitter.com/bobbyclee/status/862908660707540992 STEEM! STEEM! STEEM! As a valuable STEEM team member I suggest you follow the link and at least click STEEM

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[Video Blog #8] – Steemit.com = Superannuation

There is no doubt that Steem as a cryptocurrency is highly efficient, fast and has many possible applications thanks to the Graphene technology it is based on. Steemit.com is no doubt the best social media platform for a return in expression, creativity, sharing and community. The fact that you can

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[Video Blog #6] – Steem Is Running Hot – Steemit.com

Steem and Steemit.com is running hot and it is not going to slow down any time soon. Steemit.com is a long term investment and it is an opportunity to truly express yourself amongst a great community of people who will support you. The reality is that you get paid for

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