#betterLIFE project is nothing without you and without a team of great leaders, shakers, doers and groovers.  The people who make the impact by sharing the #betterLIFE philosophy and protocols with the world.

The learning and the action are key components to success in all areas of life.

#betterLIFE Team Leaders are the coaches looking to implement greater change into their environment, facilities, business, personal lives and communities.

All #betterLIFE Team Leaders have enrolled into a 12 month #betterLIFE mentorship and will be certified to implement the “measurable #betterLIFE testing system” into their business and for their clients.

6 Protocols


The #betterLIFE is for athletes, humans, and individuals of all ages and stages of life with a 3 tier progression system.

This Team Leader page is where we will acknowledge all those who have completed the #betterLIFE mentorship, all the course components, attended the ambassador retreats, and have shown clear intent and competency in all areas of their training – Online and Face2Face.

Team Leader Facebook Group



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