The Awakening


“A course of insight, awareness, life skill development, learning and better living”

Online Course

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        • Spark of LifeLearn about the 3 most important amino acids that will extend your life and reduce the effects of ageing as well as detoxify your body of heavy metals.
        • Essential Enzymes – Discover the crucial 12 enzymes that harbour and support life, anti-ageing and prolonged life.
        • Frequency Healing – Learn about what food types to consume and what environmental factors specifically support higher biological vibrational health.
        • Cellular Absorption – Learn how to best hydrate cells, skin and blood to avoid ageing and susceptibility to disease.
        • Crucial Understanding – Learn the significance of occult knowledge that will fulfil your life and provide a greater understanding of our reality and connection to the universe.
        • Higher States of Consciousness – Learn about the 8 Natural Laws and how to obtain a higher state of awareness and consciousness through mindset, meditation and behavioural attitudes.
        • Electric & Alkaline Nutrient Dense Foods – Learn about which specific foods create the strongest electrical response at a cellular level which ensures the body utilises nutrients, energy and minerals.
        • The Third Eye – Learn about the importance of the Pineal Gland and why decalcifying it is crucial to a higher state of consciousness, better living and better health.
        • Essential Supplementation – Learn which supplements, vitamins and nutrients are best taken and when for the best results for a longer life, a healthier body and a better connection with the universe.
        • The Spirit Molecule – Learn the importance of DMT and its connection with the Pineal Gland and a higher state of consciousness.
        • Universal Resonance – Learn about the importance of energy, frequencies and vibrations and how they affect our biology and health and how to negate the affects of EMF and disharmonious energy.
        • Sacred Scales & Geometry – Learn the importance of numerological sequences, the relationship they have with frequencies and how they connect us to the universe, our energy source and our life path.
        • Scalar Energy – Learn how this energy directly helps to enhance and support your body’s bio-field, why it is a crucial element to life and how best to harness it.
        • 432HZ & Vibrational Healing – Learn the best methods for vibrational healing and discover the best frequencies, sounds and vibrations to implement into your life.
        • Unlock Bonus Material – Series of unlisted videos and PDF’s on necessary information and knowledge for awakening to better health, awareness and spirituality for the long term.


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