The Cure

The Hidden Cure for Cancer?

Cancer is a condition rather than a disease.

A ‘dis-ease’ of our biological vessel.

The world of Cancer, in my opinion, is a corporate deception and there is more than what we are being told.

The focus should be on preventions, not cures as by that time it is a toss of the coin.

Controversial statement maybe however only to those who regurgitate what they have been taught to believe.

Have you actually ever looked any further?

Prevention is always better than cure and this article will provide a path of prevention.

This article will cover alkalines and B17 however here is my short list on the best prevention elements.

I suggest anyone with cancer seeks ALL ALTERNATIVES and LEARNS ABOUT CANCER before entering into a commitment of detrimental therapy.

It is a big decision and I believe there is more to learn.

Make an informed decision based on knowledge and understanding of what cancer actually is.

Avoid chemotherapy, surgery and/or taking medicines with strong side effects if you believe you can however do what is right for you after you research everything.

That is what I would do.

You however need to make the best decisions for yourself.

Radiation and chemo therapy have a 4% success rate with a life expectancy of only up to 5 years.

Surely we can find therapies that are better than 4%?

Personally, I think you should finish reading this website, this article and do a little more study before you walk into a death trap like.


Ein deutscher Nobelpreisträger für Medizin ! Prof. Otto H. Warburg, der Direktor des Kaiser-Wilhelm-Instituts für Zell-Physiologie wurde der Nobelpreis für Medizin von der Nobelstiftung in Stockholm zuerkannt. Prof. Otto H. Warburg, der deutsche Nobelpreisträger für Medizin, in seinem Laboratorium im Kaiser-Wilhelm Institut in Berlin.
Prof. Otto H. Warburg

You might not believe this but cancer is not just a disease of the body.

It is a business.

It THRIVES on our lack of education and lack of health.

Cancer also THRIVES in acidic blood environments cause by poor nutrition, poor water, and bad energy.



Cancer has become widespread and has accelerated in the last 50 years and it has affected the old, young, babies and everyone.

Sharing this wonderful post will expose many of the hidden hands of the worlds manipulators and ultimately annoy them.

Do you know that the book “World Without Cancer” has up till now been prevented from being translated into many world languages?

Ask yourself why?


You would recall that in the past, quite a large number of seamen lost their life to a disease named scurvy.

A so called disease that took the life of numerous people.

What was apparent is that a number of ‘strategic’ people made an enormous income from it.

Afterwards, it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C.

That means it wasn’t a disease.

It was a condition.

Cancer is the same.

Enemies of humanity established the cancer industry and made it into a business.

Come to terms with this fact and you will awaken to a nasty hidden truth.

A billion dollar empire feeding off the suffering of millions due to a vitamin deficiency and acidic blood levels from westernised diets, stress and EMF.


The cancer industry flourished after world war II.

To fight cancer, all these delays, details and enormous expenditures are not needed.

They only go to line the pockets of an elite group manipulating man in numerous areas of life to maintain the flow of income.

The cure for the condition was found long ago.


The prevention will be obtained simply through the following strategies:

Those who have cancer should first try to know what cancer is.

Do not panic! You should investigate the condition.

These days does anyone die of an illness called scurvy?


Because it gets cured.

Since cancer is only a deficiency of vitamin B17 and acidic blood levels, eating 15 to 20 pieces of apricot stone/nucleus (fruit stone) everyday is enough.

Eat wheat bud (wheat sprouts).

Wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine.

It is a rich source of liquid oxygen and the strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile.

This matter is present in the fruit stone of apple and is the extracted form of vitamin B17 (Amygdalin).

The American medicinal industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production.

This medicine is being manufactured in Mexico and gets smuggled into USA.

Dr. Harold W. Manner, in a book named “Death of Cancer” has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile is as high as above 90%.

Vitamin B17 also called Laetrile or Amygdalin is among the main components of food in cultures like Hunzas, Eskimos, Abkasians etc.

Sources of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17):

-The fruit stone or grain(seed) of fruits. This contains the highest amount of vitamin B17 in nature.

This includes fruit stone of apple, apricot, grapes, peach, pear, and prune (dried plum).

-Common beans: which include bean, lentil sprout (lentil bud) Lima (Lima beans) and pea.

-Kernels: Bitter Almond (Richest source of vitamin B-17 in nature) and Indian almond.

-Mulberries: almost all mulberries such as black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

-Seeds (Grains): sesame and linseed (seed of linen/flax seed).

-Groats of oats, barley, brown rice, groats of block wheat, linseed, millet and rye.

This vitamin is found in grains and fruit stones of apricot, brewer’s yeast, rough rice (paddy) and sweetmeat pumpkin.

Grapeseed extract (GSE) has recently been proven to prohibit cancerous cell growth and to instigate cancer cell death.

The bioactive compounds in grapeseed extract are what make chemotherapy seem like an archaic form of treatment, especially considering that chemo and radiation treatments can backfire and cause cancer to come back from remission 10 times stronger than when it was first detected.


As per Dr. Krebs, the required daily dose of B17 (as cancer preventive) can be obtained by following either of the below methods.

Method 1: Eating B17 containing whole fruits but avoiding eating more seeds than you would have eaten if you have had whole fruit. For instance, if you eat 3-4 apples per day, the amount of B17 in the seeds of 3-4 apples is sufficient. There is no need to consume a pound of seeds.

Method 2: One apricot or peach per 10lbs of body weight is more than enough to be used as a cancer preventive, though exact numbers can vary from individual to individual as per dietary habits and metabolism strength.

For instance, a 170lbs woman can consume 17 peach or apricot kernels per day and should have biologically sufficient amount of daily B17 intake.

List of Anti-Cancer Foods

•Apricots (kernels/seeds)
•SEEDS from other fruits like apples, cherries, grapes, peaches, prunes, plums, pears
•Lima beans
•Fava beans
•Macadamia nuts
•Bean sprouts

All are the highest sources of absorbable vitamin B17.



I suggest you take in all information with a duty of care and do your research and make informed decisions for yourself.

Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. is the biochemist and researcher who first isolated Laetrile (vitamin B-17) in apricot seeds and also discovered B-15 (pangamic acid, a vitamin which has been proven to be an important adjunctive therapy in the treatment of illnesses related to circulation).

After years of study and testing he was convinced of the therapeutic value of Laetrile.

To prove that it was not toxic to humans he injected it into his own arm.

As he predicted, there were no harmful or distressing side effects.

The Laetrile had no harmful effect on normal cells but was deadly to cancer cells.

Many people take Laetrile / B17 in its natural state: bitter almonds or apricot seeds.

And many of these people end up in the emergency wards nearly poisoned to death.

This is because they are not following the directions, or taking the seeds without any supervision.

The apricot seeds contain cyanide.

Although Laetrile / B17 is less toxic than sugar and 21 times less toxic than aspirin, you can take to much… Unfortunately, one can take to much of anything — even water.

So to question the use of vitamin B17 on the grounds of toxicity is extraordinary as all the drugs used currently in orthodox cancer therapy are extremely toxic.

Here is how it works:

Cancer loves sugar.

The sugar in the apricot seeds surrounds cyanide.

The cancer draws in the sugar, eats it, and releases the cyanide at the cancer cell and only at the cancer cell: sort of like a smart bomb.

The problem with this is that some people take too much.

While others take enough, but also have a diet high in sugar.

Simply put: you must stop all sugar consumption, cut back drastically on carbohydrates, and then take your apricot seeds.

Otherwise, you can do your body a great disservice, and not do anything to battle your cancer.

There is no “free” hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN).

Within the body, the cancer cell—and only the cancer cell—contains that enzyme.

The key here is that the HCN must be FORMED. It is not floating around freely in the Laetrile and then released. It must be manufactured. The enzyme beta glucosidase, and only that enzyme, is capable of manufacturing the HCN from Laetrile.

If there are no cancer cells in the body, there is no beta-glucosidase.

If there is no beta-glucosidase, no HCN will be formed from the Laetrile

Is it necessary to have the seeds and the Vitamin together when undergoing metabolic therapy?

Dr. Contreras says “yes”. Certain components of the seeds are not included in the purified forms of amygdalin.

The seeds are the raw form of vitamin generic viagra in europe B-17, containing many other nutrients that act synergistically with the purified form to help its active ingredients assimilate into the body.

To start, it is recommended that along with the purified forms of B-17, either intravenous or oral, cancer patients eat one apricot seed for every 10 lbs of body weight. If this dosage is tolerated well, it may be increased to 30 to 35 kernels per day.

IMPORTANT: For adults, more than 6 per hour or 30 per day is not recommended.

Metabolic Therapy Maintenance Dose – from day 22 to 5 years.

  • Apricot Seeds – 10 to 20 seeds with favorite fruit juice – Before having Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner and before going to bed.
  • Liquid Vitamin A-E – 10 drops with your favorite fruit juice – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) 500 mg or 100 tablets – Between having Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner and before going to bed.
  • Shark cartilage: 2 capsules with each meal (6 daily).
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane ( M.S.M. Powder) 1 teaspoon 3 times a day in water during meals.
  • Hesperidin & Mineral – Vitamin C powder – 2 grams 3 times a day in water during meals.
  • Oxyrich – 25 drops twice daily – 2 hours after food or 1/2 hour before meal
  • Selenium – 1 Tablet 3 times a day with meals

Metabolic therapy is a non-toxic cancer treatment based on the use of Vitamin B- 17, proteolytic pancreatic enzymes, immuno-stimulants, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Phase I Metabolic – dosage for the first 21 days

Comes in two alternative forms:

(Doses Recommended by Metabolic Physicians Ernesto and Fransisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope Hospital)
With injectable Bl7 / Amygdalin ampoules for administration by a qualified medical practitioner.
This pack comprises:

  • Vitamin B17 ampoules: The content of 2 vials is administered at once in a slow IV push, directly into a vein or catheter, once daily (20cc syringes / 21 gauge x 1 1?2 inch needles).
  • Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid): One capsule three times a daily at the end of each meal.
  • Preven-ca capsules (contains powerful antioxidants and herbs): One capsule with each meal.
  • Megazyme Forte enzyme tablets: Three tablets two hours after each meal (9 daily).
  • Ester C (Vitamin C) tablets: One capsule with each meal.
  • Vitamin A & E emulsion drops: 5 drops in juice or water three times per day.
  • Just Barley Green Juice (nutritional supplement): One teaspoon in juice three times per day.
  • Shark cartilage: 3 capsules with each meal (9 daily).
  • Vitamin E: One gel with lunch and one with dinner.
  • AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound): Two capsules with each meal.
  • Daily Complete liquid multivitamin Nutrient: 1 oz (two tablespoons) once daily with a meal.
  • Apricot seeds: No more than 12 every 2 hours 6 times a day.

Not included is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) for IV administration (some doctors use this compound to achieve fuller penetration of the B17).


Injectable / IV Amygdalin is replaced with 500mg Amygdalin tablets. Dr. Contreras recommends 2 of these tablets with each meal for a total of 6 per day. Otherwise the ORAL Phase 1 includes the same materials as above. It can be purchased for home use.

  • Vitamin B17 500 mg tablets: 2 tablets three times daily with meals (6 daily). This is the most convenient and most frequently used method of Amygdalin administration. The tablet size is 500mg. If you have difficulty swallowing, the tablets may be broken up and added to soft food. If there is a gastric disturbance, then you should take one tablet six times daily. If you find that you are getting nauseous cut the tablets in half and have one every waking hour. It is a good idea to have some food in the stomach just before taking the vitamin.
  • Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid): One capsule three times a daily at the end of each meal.
  • Preven-ca capsules (contains powerful antioxidants and herbs): One capsule with each meal.
  • Megazyme Forte enzyme tablets: Three tablets two hours after each meal (9 daily).
  • Ester C (Vitamin C) tablets: One capsule with each meal.
  • Vitamin A & E emulsion drops: 5 drops in juice or water three times per day.
  • Just Barley Green Juice (nutritional supplement): One teaspoon in juice three times per day.
  • Shark cartilage: 3 capsules with each meal (9 daily).
  • Vitamin E: One gel with lunch and one with dinner.
  • AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound): Two capsules with each meal.
  • Daily Complete liquid multivitamin Nutrient: 1 oz (two tablespoons) once daily with a meal.
  • Apricot seeds: No more than 12 every 2 hours 6 times a day.

Cancer Killing Juice

1 beet – 1 carrot – 1 celery stick – ½ potato – 1 radish

Rudolf Breuss’s, anticancer mixture has helped thousands of suffering people. This juice blend, during fasting, exerts a death blow on cancer. This was attested by over 24,000 patients who wrote him describing relief from their diseases. His patients were given small amounts of this juice over 42 days.

A tea composed of nettle, St. John’s wart, marigold, artemisi, and monarda was also given. By “starving out” the cancer, Rudolf Breuss reported a 96% success rate for the thousands of patients he treated over 30 years of practice. Rudolf Breuss died in 1989 at 93 years of age. Composition: 55% beet root, 20% celery root, 20% carrot, 3% potato, 2% radish.

The cancer patient will want to give up cooked and commercially produced meat such as beef, pork, lamb and fowl immediately ( except for raw liver ). Cooked meat is harmful for the cancer patient, as the very same enzymes used in its digestion ( Trypsin and Chymotrypsin ) are needed for fighting and digesting the cancer. When all the bodies reserves of these two enzymes are used up, there are none left in the blood to destroy cancer cells. All natural, self-made enzymes your body can produce should be used to fight the cancer. Plus, animal protein is acid forming.

Sugar Feeds Cancer… You want to take away the single fuel on which cancer thrives, SUGAR! Glucose ( sugar ) is the only form of fuel that cancer can utilize. Also, Sugar is Extremely Acid Forming – pH 5.0 to 5.5. Cancer loves cooked foods and cancer loves sugar. When one has cancer and eats something loaded with sugar it’s just like throwing a cup of gasoline on a smoldering fire.

Very simply put: You must stop all sugar consumption and one must cut back drastically on carbohydrates. If you hate your cancer, then starve it. The quest is not to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, but rather to control blood sugar within a narrow range to help starve the cancer.

Carbohydrates are fibre or non-fibre. Fibre carbs are good for you, non-fibre carbs are bad for you. Carbs turn into glucose ( sugar ) in your blood and this sugar feeds cancer. Some foods high in carbohydrates are breads, cereals, grains, pasta, starchy vegetables ( peas, corn, dried beans, potatoes ), milk, yogurt and fruit. Balance your intake of these foods and eat these foods in moderation…

Cancer patients need to eat more Fibrous carbs like cucumber, greens, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, snow peas, peppers, cabbage, asparagus, etc., these are great. Also, dry beans of all types are a good source of food for the cancer patient, and may be used two or three times a week at anytime of the day. Carb count – ½ cup cooked about 20 grams.


Ingesting dish washing liquids (used in the kitchen) and hand washing liquid (used in the restroom) is a major cancer causing factor so digesting these compounds should be restricted.

You will surely say that we do not eat them!

However, you daily wash your hands with hand washing liquid and wash your plates with dish washing liquid.The liquid is absorbed and will not leave the plate with washing.

When cooking or eating food, the soap in the plate or dish gets attached to the hot food and so we end up eating the dish washing liquid with our food.

Even if you rinse the plate hundreds of times, that will be of no use.

The solution is to pour half of the dishwashing liquid and hand washing liquid out and top it up with vinegar.

It is as simple as that.

Do not eat blood cancer causing agents, maintain an alkaline food diet, eat your B17 and save your family from this danger.

Similarly, seriously desist from washing vegetables with even a few drops of dishwashing liquid because irrespective of how much you would rinse them, the chemicals would have already entered the tissues of the vegetable and will not get rinsed away.

Instead, soak fruits and vegetables with salt and then rinse with water.

To be more precise, start with 50mg and after seeing the reaction, you can always raise to 100mg, or lower to 25mg. In general we suggest that it is our best choice on the market.

To keep them fresh, add vinegar.

Please share this post with others so they can also benefit from the information.

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