The Protocols

Movement, self-awareness and learning are key attributes and elements to evolution and growth.

It is science. 

All our protocols are considered guidelines and standards that all #betterLIFE coaches and individuals follow to support measurable evolution and progression in a series of understood fields of development.

‪#‎betterLIFE‬ PROJECT is a delivery system of SELF-DEVELOPMENT designed to expand your awareness, optimise your life, maximise your human performance and build genuine success.

The program and system is delivered by a team of industry leaders, athletes and #betterLIFE team leaders and mentors.  

#betterLIFE Team

#betterLIFE is a philosophy and a way of life.

7 Pillars of Awareness

14 Habits of Sustainable Change

33 Elements of Human Progression

5 Keys to Human Development & Evolution

3 Tiered Scaled Development Program – Recruit, Leader & Professional Levels


A set core of principals that allow an individual to create an optimal life position.



We don’t share all of our secrets, so to find out more about our program, contribute to changing the world and to get involved in something great, please contact us below in the form provided.

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