I will be going to Russia next year to study this science and I will hopefully bring back this technoloy to Australia so I can build my own pyramid.

That is the plan.

Lots more to do yet and the research trail for me is on.!

On the basis of Kirlian effect (high frequency photography), a group of scientists led by Professor K.G.Korotkov (ITMO, St. Petersburg) developed a device called “GDV/EPC ?amera” (Gas Discharge Visualization – Electro Photonic Capture camera). Kirlian photographs can show the energy condition of your systems and organs, psychological withdrawal or excess, emotional disharmony, unfulfilled potential, stress (both past and present), strength of will, suitability of living or working environment, circumstances or relationships, blocks, traits, strengths, thoughts and more. The device passed clinical tests, was included in the State Register of medical can u buy phentermine in mexico equipment certified by Russian Ministry of Health and is used around the world.

Express analysis of the general physical condition and energy before and after the interaction with the in-house pyramid “MAAT” demonstrates the powerful impact of a favorable energy. After 6 hours being in the pyramid’s field energy cocoon that surrounds the body increased in size. Resizing of the energy centers (chakras) leads to rising of the aura’s density. Its color became more golden.

Source: http://pyramids.ru.com/en/pyramids-research/

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