Anyone that stacks gold and silver will know how frustrating the manipluation of the market is however in recent times I am starting to understand why.

Silver is very useful and is used in most technology we have today.

If the price rose too high and was exponentially increasing over time the reality for most manufacturing is that the price would not be feasible to allow trade and profit.

The markets I feel are manipulated for the following reasons:

  1. Remove attention and focus away from real money such as Gold and Silver and into other assets including digital currencies as they do not hold true value like physical assets do. Realestate, land, precious metals and anything you can hold in you hand of value is generally the best bet.
  2. Silver is required for industry and to support greater profit for the major corporations they require silver to be maintained at a price that supports profit. This makes Gold look like the better long term asset in regard to a value of wealth and a store of value based on the fact it is not as important as Silver.
  3. The club can make great returns from inside trades on the paper gold and silver markets and it is easy money when no actual gold and silver is exchanged between parties. Paper gold and silver is as big a scam for those able to manipulate it as you don’t actually need gold and silver to do it.

Are we going to see a bull run on gold and silver now that the manipluation issue is becoming more mainstream?

I feel that the manipulation will not stop in the short term because the club will not stop their own progress.



Regardless of the news and the current market and worldwide events I am still going to stack my gold and silver.

I like it because it is real and as I always say if it is in your hand it is real.

There is also no doubt that the bond bubble is getting bigger.

It can’t continue forever or can it?


I feel cryptocurrencies will be the solution to the broken system and I feel we may even see a gold backed digital currency market.

I feel we may be a few years away from mass adoption and there will be a need for worldwide infrastructure for this system.

How long will that take?

12 months?

2 years?

5 years?


Will the market manipluation continue until this transition occurs?

I feel we may see the back end of 2017 as the mainstream start to the collapse of the markets and I am continuing to ensure I am prepared.

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