I had so many questions when I started writing on www.steemit.com.

So I decided to go and find the answers for myself and blog them.

Please correct me if I am wrong and please feel free to add detail or provide updated information.

I hope this list helps and motivates you to STEEMIT.


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Point Form Answers:

Table of Contents

  1. What is Steemit.com?
  2. What is Steem?
  3. What is Steem Power?
  4. What are Steem Dollars?
  5. What is Steem Savings?
  6. What is my Wallet?
  7. How do I buy Steem?
  8. How do I sell Steem?
  9. How to earn Steem?
  10. What is an up-vote?
  11. What is voting power?
  12. What is resteeming?
  13. What is a comment?
  14. When should I upvote my own post and why?
  15. What are tags and how are they best used?
  16. What is an introduction post and how do I tag it?
  17. How do I add photos to a post?
  18. What is markdown?
  19. What are curation rewards?
  20. What are author rewards?
  21. What is Steemit Whitepaper?
  22. What is my password?
  23. What is my username?
  24. What is influence?
  25. How do you build followers?
  26. What content should you write?
  27. What are tags and how many should I use?
  28. What should be my main objective on Steemit.com?
  29. How do I buy and sell Steem Power?
  30. What is a promoted post?
  31. What is a trending post?
  32. What is a hot post?
  33. What is a new post?
  34. What is an active post?
  35. What is my feed?
  36. Why should I up-vote?
  37. What are vests?
  38. What is a Whale?
  39. What is a badge?
  40. What is your influence score?
  41. What is Steem Chat?
  42. What is a Witness?
  43. How many curations should you day in any 24 hour period for maximum return?
  44. How many posts should you do in any 24 hour period for a maximum return?
  45. What is currency market?
  46. What is in a title and how do I best utilise it?


Have a great day!



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