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“Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders”
– Tom Peters

Mission: Establish and implement the #betterLIFE philosophy into your life, family and/or business.

Who: Individuals, business owners, coaches, personal trainers and anyone who wants to endorse and teach the #betterLIFE.

How: Utilising Sebastian’s #betterLIFE protocol & self-development program

Time: Dependent on completion of online tasks and face to face  (book a clarity session below)

Type: Face to face, mentoring, weekend workshops and online learning.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do YOU want to live a #betterLIFE?
  • Do YOU want to learn and live the 7 pillars of awareness that will help build & maintain a better life?
  • Do YOU want to learn and live 14 key habits of sustainable adaption that will help build & maintain a better life? 
  • Do YOU want to learn how to set and complete outcome goals and ambitions that last a life time?
  • Do YOU want to become a #betterLIFE leader and ambassador and apply these principles in your life and business?

If YES, read on! 

Your #betterLIFE is a 1:1 learning experience with your thought leader & coach – #betterFOOD #betterMIND #betterMOVEMENT #betterSPIRIT #ichooseLIFE

Your #betterLIFE is your best opportunity to learn, adapt and apply a new philosophy of life that will enable you to not only live the life you want but to build your dream lifestyle and business.  Self-development is a personal value and I have a mission to share my life philosophy with as many people as possible.  I believe people can achieve greatness through awareness, learning and adaptation.

All you have to do is believe, be prepared to learn and be shown the way with an exceptional leader, coach, learning program and process.

Your #betterLIFE  is your strong, empowered and happy future:

  • Multiple stage process of learning and development.
  • Learn to apply 3 foundation #betterLIFE domains for #betterMIND, #betterMOVEMENT and #betterFOOD.
  • Learn to apply the 7 pillars of awareness and how they apply to your new life.
  • Learn to apply the 14 habits of sustainable adaptation that will launch you to a better life.
  • Learn the protocols for each domain – Food, Mind, Movement & Spirit
  • Learn how to set and complete outcome goals that last a life time?
  • 24/7 accountability and development coach.
  • All clients will receive a 1:1 “Clarity” session & “Ambition” establishment program (Via Skype).
  • Establish your vision, mission, commitment and attitude
  • Exclusive Access Facebook group – #ichooseLIFE

What is involved:

  • 12 month online learning modules
  • 12 month mentorship system
  • 2 day “AWAKENING” workshop (Face to Face)
  • 4 day “MOVEMENT & MINDSET” workshop (Face to Face)
  • 2 Day “AMBASSADOR” Workshop (Face to Face)

**Price is on application and is discussed personally during the 1:1 Clarity session. 

More Information

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