Something I talk about often is about the power of one and the universal connection we all have. Our social awareness and sense of knowledge will come down to our ability to create a scenario of critical mass of understanding on the subjects that matter the most.

Energy, vibrations and frequencies are the flag ship to our higher state of consciousness and the world is currently in a state of rapid spiritual growth due to social media, the internet itself and better access to information and sharing.

Which direction will we all head?

That is up to you.

If we keep our vibrations high the world will change for the better.

If we fall for the lower vibrations of Satan, materialism, narcissism and consumerism, we will only line the pockets of the elitists, the globalists, and we will lose our freedoms over time as they lock down on their power and control.

That is just how life works.

Be free or be suppressed.

It will all come down to the collective consciousness.

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So what do we do?

The Hundredth Monkey effect!

Ever heard of it?

The story went something like this:

Monkeys on two sides of the same island were being studied for behaviour.

Somehow, a monkey on one side learned to take their food down to the water and wash it off on a regular basis.

One by one, following the lead and example of the first monkey, other monkeys started to do the exact same thing.

At some point, it was noted that all monkeys on the other side of the island (the monkeys having no direct contact with the food-washing monkeys) began also to wash their food by the water.

In the minds of us whom are on a conscious spiritual path, the term “Critical Mass” refers to the 100th monkey effect in human beings.

This effect is when the ripple of awareness and knowledge spreads via vibrations and energy rather than by a physical factor.

Spiritual critical mass signals a time in the evolution of our species when enough people have learned the same skill, the knowledge, the feeling, that it fires the neurons of a supernatural power and things start to happen.

Things start to change.

Everyone automatically starts to acknowledge the same skills and the same perspectives without having had to learn it directly.

Spiritual critical mass means we finally all get it – we are all in fact one.

Connected by spirit and energy.

Connected to the universe.

Our vibrations literally resonate.

When one hurts, we all hurt.

When one heals, we all heal.

It is very real in nature and when humans decide to break away from their daily distractions and commitments we will be able to progress spiritually and intellectually.

Evolve to the next level.

The future of our planet does not revolve around our differences and the agenda of divide and conquer, our evolution will rely on our ability to align to our similarities and apply higher vibrational energy and love into our communities and fellow man.

That is when we will truly evolve.

It is happening and I am hopeful.

The big boys, the globalists, don’t like it as it will spell the end of their empire.

Be sure to see through the agenda of Mainstream Media and Hollywoods programming and seek to give up your need for material objects and get back to your grass roots of nature and genuine connections.

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