[Video Blog #151] – Global Reit – Real Estate Investment Trust & Dividends (Crypto)

  NOTE: Global Reit and their two tokens, may fall under the classification as a security. Please see your jurisdiction and do your due diligence. Reits have been around for many years and have provided people greater access to markets where they may not have been able to enter on their

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[Video Blog #150] – BitNation – Create Your Own Jurisdiction (crypto)

I think we need to dissolve the current governmental structure and put all the responsibility and power back into the hands of the individual. Become a true sovereign where you make the calls, you assign the contractual agreements and voluntarily engage with governance, starting with your own, at your own

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[Video Blog #149] – Market Review – 9 Crypto Assets & 5 ICO’s to Watch Out For (crypto)

  I think we are in somewhat of a bouncing market after a massive bear trend over the last 4 months so be wary however the signs are starting to swing to the BULL! What I am watching at the moment as platforms and applications start to roll out. BABB

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