Meditation is something I did at school in my Eastern Philosophy classes and I practiced it at home quite a lot with various techniques.  I think we have all had moments of gazing on a spot and feeling a sense of calm as we either go into a blissful daydream or a dimension of nothingness.
Be mindful of our existence. We do not do it enough.
Something I think as adults we forget about due to our busy lives however here is an opportunity to dedicate some new time for some personal and mindful mediation.
Don’t know how? Here is my short blog on what to do.

5-Minute Breathing Meditation

How do you create a sense or peace, tranquility and mindfulness? How do you reduce anxiety, negative emotions and stress? Meditation.

Meditation is one of those acts that people either do or they don’t and it comes down to application and self respect.  The science behind mindful meditation is clear and some well spent time exploring mediation is a game changer.

A basic method of meditation is to utilise your own breathing—a practice simply called “mindful breathing.”

Time required:

5 – 15 minutes – Look to do it daily for at least a week to get a good feel for the technique and to fully experience the benefits. The more time you allocate the greater the result.

How to do it?

The act of mindful breathing is to simply to focus your attention on your breath and engage with every the inhale and exhale.

Lying down is the best place to start however you can do this while standing.  Find a comfortable position and start there.  Your eyes may be open or closed however I would start with an eye closed approach.

Experts believe a regular practice of mindful breathing can make it easier to do it in difficult situations.

QUICK TIP: In a stressful moments, it helps to start by taking an animated deep breath: a deep inhale through your nostrils (3 seconds), hold your breath (2 seconds), and a long exhale through your mouth (4 seconds).

        1. Find a relaxed, comfortable position. I always find it easier lying down however I have done it in a seated position.  On the floor with a cushion is fine. Keep your back upright, but not too tight. Hands resting wherever they’re comfortable. Tongue on the roof of your mouth or wherever it’s comfortable.
        2. Be aware and relax your body. Seek a level of awareness and feel your position. Let yourself relax. Relax any areas of tightness or tension and breathe.
        3. Align with your breath. Feel the natural flow and tempo of your breath on the inhale and exhale. Keep the breath as natural as you can. Feel and experience your breath and focus on one breath at a time. Let it flow.
        4. A wandering mind is ok. Your mind may start to wander. You may start thinking about life. This is ok. It’s very natural. Just acknowledge that your mind has wandered. You can say “thinking” or “wandering” in your head and seek to realign with your breathing and repeat as required.  Just focus on the inhale and the exhale.  Calm the mind.
        5. 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Set a time if required however it is best to not have an alarm.  Just go with the flow however be prepared to spend at least 5 minutes on this a day.
        6. Easing out. This is something I learnt and it is very important.  When you are in your last minute look to ease out of your state rather than just get up and finish abruptly.  Let yourself relax even more deeply and then offer yourself some appreciation for what you just did.

Meditation is something we can all do. Something we should all be doing more of.  Hope this article helped you establish a way of getting started.


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About Coach Sebastian
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