[Essential Knowledge] – The Power Of Frequencies – Energy | Frequencies | Vibrations

There is no doubt in my mind that the understanding of frequencies and their specific purpose and wave length will be the ultimate guide to enlightenment, true health and a higher state of consciousness. This is my favourite subject and I am passionate about it and that is why I

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[The List] – Reconnecting To Our Origins

I enjoy researching life and the universe for what it really is and I feel morally obligated to share what I learn. I am merely planting seeds with the hope you will do more research yourself. Following is a list of nutrition and lifestyle tips to support a greater connection

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Numbers Rule All Things

Personally I am intrigued by the numbers and I am a big Pythagoras fan. A huge fan of the sacred scales and everything to do with energy, frequencies and vibrations. My mother was an astrologist and a numerologist so my interest in this subject and the occult knowledge is strong and has

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