[Video Blog #9] – How To Use Steemit (The Ultimate Guide)

I had so many questions when I started writing on www.steemit.com. So I decided to go and find the answers for myself and blog them. Please correct me if I am wrong and please feel free to add detail or provide updated information. I hope this list helps and motivates

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[Video Blog #8] – Steemit.com = Superannuation

There is no doubt that Steem as a cryptocurrency is highly efficient, fast and has many possible applications thanks to the Graphene technology it is based on. Steemit.com is no doubt the best social media platform for a return in expression, creativity, sharing and community. The fact that you can

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[Video Blog #7] – Did The System Collapse Yet? – Doom Website (NEWS)

We have been talking about the market crash since early 2000 and in 2008 we saw a glimpse of the biggest bubble bursts in history of mankind as the ponzi scheme and current monetary system finally starts to self implode. Most people still can’t see the scam for what it

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[Investment] – The Crypto ‘S’ Curve & The Biggest Opportunity Of Your Life Time?

I feel this will be another one of my most significant articles that I write in regard to expressing the immense opportunity for those invested in Cryptocurrencies. Life changing transfer of wealth. Anyone who has studied economics and understands growth, supply and demand, energy of economics and understands the power of the

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