[Supplementation] – Magnesium Oil – Heavy Metal Detox | GSH | Better Sleep | Energy

Magnesium oil for me has been a game changer along with a series of other supplements and I highly recommend it. I use it every day for my heavy metal detox program, for energy, recovery, better sleep and to boost my GSH. So many good things in one supplement. Some

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[Essential Knowledge] – Detoxification – The Truth & How To Do it!

This is probably going to one of the most important articles I ever write and it will be relevant to everyone, young and old and in particular our future generations. In fact it is that important that if you do not read it and implement such practices and awareness into

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[Essential Knowledge] – Glutathione (GSH) – The Spark Of Life

My latest research has led me to Glutathione (GSH) and in particular Liposome Glutathione and I have decided to bring this into my life with a greater awareness and start supplementing it daily. My research and my experience has so far shown that glutathione in regard to our biology is

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Electric & Alkaline Foods

There is a major part of our understanding of life that we are lacking? Our education system is clearly failing us. Understanding how the body, our biology, works at a cellular level is the difference between having a grand long life or one full of ageing, disease, sickness and unhappiness. To maintain

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[The List] – Reconnecting To Our Origins

I enjoy researching life and the universe for what it really is and I feel morally obligated to share what I learn. I am merely planting seeds with the hope you will do more research yourself. Following is a list of nutrition and lifestyle tips to support a greater connection

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6 Elements To A Happy Life

These are 6 elements I believe are critical to a happy life and once these are established within your behavioural playbook you will experience a new found health and happiness. Structured Water Nutrient Dense Foods Constant Movement Awareness Attitude Action STRUCTURED WATER What is Hexagonal Structured Water? Water is a network

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