Drip Drip Pump & Dump

Images in AUD however the pattern in USD is the same.

Excuse my ignorance however I do have some questions.

We all know that the financial markets are rigged, we all know the precious metals prices are suppressed and manipulated and we all know that there is a derivative bomb out there just waiting to blow.

When? End of 2017? Trump inauguration?

This is what makes cryptos so enticing.

Private, exclusive, new, exciting, and intriguing.

A place where the normal folk can feel safe and in control?

However, tell me this and please correct me if I am wrong.

Do these graphs look as if they are on a very similar path of growth and loss?

If I changed the title of the coin you would almost not even be able to tell the difference.

There is a volume trend here.

I feel that not everything is as it seems and I am concerned a joker is at play.

I read that China somehow is involved.

Are we talking about at a government level?

Private level?

See Post –
Courtesy @arnob

Across all these coins with such distinctive similarity?

How long has this been happening? This pattern?

Maybe I just need to learn more about what I see here?

I thought the majority of coins acted independently with their own market influences however it seems big money can manipulate buy viagra online legally anything?

I have observed especially since 19th December 2016 that a series of the major coins have all be been following a very similar aggressive growth patten and I woke up this morning to find a very similar dump pattern.

A correction we were expecting?

Across all these coins?

All at the same time?

Someone with a very heavily invested portfolio across all these coins decided to jump ship last night?

Are all these coins pegged to Bitcoin or to each other?

What made them move like this with such similarity?

Who and how could these movements be mirrored by time and volume if not a single entity and done with the help of an exchange?

Is someone drip feeding the growth over a period of time, pumping it and then dumping it all at the same time?

If this just a test?

Am I blind and missing something?

Someone using a crypto trading algorithm to manipulate the crypto markets?

Would be very interested in people opinions and observations as this type of movement is a little disconcerting when you see this type of price behaviour amongst a series of coins considered to be independent.

I know it will all bounce back however I am just trying to understand the behaviour and what was the direct influence.


~ Sebastian



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