Every day I get up with a bounce and I am forever grateful for the opportunity and lifestyle that I have created.

I am up at 4.50am everyday to train my clients and members of my gym, Elements4Life, in Canberra, Australia and I am lucky I love what I do because it can catchup with you by the end of the week that is for sure.

Sleep is good!

I thought I would share some videos on some skills from my very own Wolverine (Daniel) who is a dedicated to his own self development and it is always great to watch him train.

Admit it he looks a little like Wolverine.

Maybe you will seek to adopt some of these skills into your next training program.

Daniel is very cut however he wants to improve his physique and body mass and always puts in the hard work.

I respect his attitude.

These skills are some what unorthodox however very effective.


Seek to maintain a neutral spine (straight back) and ensure the pelvis does not tilt forward to much which bulges the lumbar.

Start off light and always control the tempo to ensure the muscles are engaged for longer periods.

Don’t rush it.


I really like this skill and it can become very taxing very quickly.

Start off light and make sure to get the technique right.

You must keep an outward arc of the cables by avoiding bending the arm at the elbows on the pull.

Slow tempo on the return say 2 to 3 seconds.


This is a killer when done properly and will accelerate your core strength and pushups to a new level due to the unstable environment that you create by placing your feet in the suspension straps.

Make sure to always push through the floor with your hands, through your scapular and bring those keens right in.

Look to create variations of the skill like one knee tuck at at time, inside the arm and outside the elbow.

I hope this has added some interest to your day and I am always open to questions and/or programming advice.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more.



SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.

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About Coach Sebastian
About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

He has a passion for creation and believes strongly in process, self awareness, and diligent planning and is here to make an impact in your life.

Sebastian is the Founder and CEO of 6 startup companies and has travelled to over 24+ countries with the aim of self exploration.

He has also dedicated his most recent stage in life to coaching people towards better lives via his coaching & gym network.

He has played world cups in his sport at the top level for his country and is discovering more about himself each day via the diversity of information and opportunities available to him.

Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

"A movement towards a #betterLIFE" ~ Sebastian

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