Introducing myself to the Steemians – “An unconventional perspective”

I did not introduce myself properly so here is a quick glimpse of who I am.

I am an Aussie.

I am just a regular bloke.

I am a human seeking more from myself and from life.

Sharing, learning and communicating is worth more than gold.

However, Gold and Silver is my hedge, I can hold it, it heals the body and I believe cryptos are here to stay.

I believe we can all live in a state of anarchy and be peaceful, we just have to make it happen and I am unsure what we are waiting for.

I am ready for a change and want to see the bad boys at the top….pop. They are obsolete.

I hope for more than I can actually control.

I love coaching and helping others obtain freedom and it starts with the mind.

I occasionally hug trees however don’t climb them enough.

I look forward to contributing to the Steemit community not just on a professional level but as a human, a person, just being me.

Pythagoras, Tesla, 432Hz, structured water, real food, gold & silver, investment, movement and growth mindsets are my hobbies.

I want to know more about DMT and how it can support a greater connection for all of us.

Music is life and dancing is my vibration and response.

I like skimming rocks across flowing rivers.

Governments! Pfft! Who needs them really?

Barcelona is my favourite is generic viagra harmful city to visit…so far.

The Pyramids were built specifically for ions, good vibrations and structured water…in my opinion.

Life is an illusion and the elites matrix is a web of deceit and only we as individuals can take the time to research, learn and apply a different reality.

Cialis has proven to be a truly reliable drug that helps me to have sex with women. I take it 2 or 3 hours before intimacy.

I sometimes just want to party and sometimes I just want to do nothing.

I am an unashamed gym junkie however I don’t need a mirror.

Beach and the bush are really the only places we should be.

A sunrise is better than a lamborghini and it is always there for me everyday.

I am a dog man.

I was once a Sambuca type of guy now I drink Cider over Beer!

Rock Salt Calamari! – Do I need to say anything more?

Tiesto was good once.

Water is life.

Star gazing would be great if I could see through all the bloody chemtrails and I think it is because of the Sun (CME).

My top 10 personal values are Self-Development, Passion, Commitment, Consistency, Integrity, Imagination, Making A Difference, Gratitude, Resilience & Creativity.

In the end, I am just a man on a journey who seeks to experience and share as much as possible from my point of view.

I look forward to hearing yours.



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About Coach Sebastian
About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

He has a passion for creation and believes strongly in process, self awareness, and diligent planning and is here to make an impact in your life.

Sebastian is the Founder and CEO of 6 startup companies and has travelled to over 24+ countries with the aim of self exploration.

He has also dedicated his most recent stage in life to coaching people towards better lives via his coaching & gym network.

He has played world cups in his sport at the top level for his country and is discovering more about himself each day via the diversity of information and opportunities available to him.

Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

"A movement towards a #betterLIFE" ~ Sebastian

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