Lever Your Time

We all want to sit on the beach and drink cocktails! We all want more time to do the things we enjoy!

How do some people seem to have so much time to do what they want and others are always chasing their tail?

How do some people seem to have such a lavish lifestyle, do lots of activities and seem to be living life to the fullest?

Well, firstly lets not believe everything we see on Facebook and Instagram. It can be an illusion. Everyone has their struggles and has a story to tell no matter how prolific their life seems to be.

We are all busy people in our own way and due to different commitments. Some people, though, are busier than we would ever imagine, yet are somehow are able to stay on top of things so well they seem to go about their life with a sense of ease, while the rest of us struggle to keep our shoes laces tied.

What is their secret?

Why do they seem to have everything worked out, figured out, unstressed and always seem to be ready to go?

LEVERAGE! That’s why!

There is no doubt that implementing measures like maintaining a series of running “to-do” lists which I do, setting worthy goals, and decreasing the amount of time spent unnecessarily focusing on less important matters like Pokemon Go really does help.

These are all tactics that fall into a strategic mindset and behaviour called “leveraging your time”.

Leverage is an awesome skill set as it allows us to multiply our success by applying a little pressure and focus to tasks.

In life, we can all lever our time, and here are seven ways to do just that:

  1. Get it out of your head. My head is always full of noise, ideas and things I have to do. Just remember, if it’s in your head, chances are it’s taking up valuable feeling and thinking space.  Unnecessary thoughts take up too much room.  Every time you think of a task, to-do item, or grand idea, write it down.  This is what I do. Getting it out of your head lets you focus energy elsewhere, rather than trying to remember things, it also helps you clear your mind so you’ll be more effective when you do try to tackle that massive list of things to do.
  2. Organise your day. Do you go to work and just “jump in” to all the work that’s in front of you? Try this instead: organise your day into chunks of time of 10-30 minutes for emails, time for mundane and painful tasks as these are best done and dusted as soon as possible.  Focus on knocking out the most important things on the list, earlier in the day to increase your productivity however be sure to include those tasks you really don’t want to do. They have to be done to alleviate subconscious stress.
  3. Outsource. I outsource all the things I can’t do or things I can’t do in a time frame required. Learn to lever other people. Learn to empower coworkers, employees and your outsourced help, to help you with some of your routine tasks throughout the day. If you run a website, consider hiring someone to maintain the server, site, comments, and emails. If you need graphic design done seek a reliable outsource.  When you find a good one, don’t let them go.
  4. The Block Method. Don’t let the stress and pressure of deadlines or unfinished tasks bring you down. Focus on how awesome it will be to finish and seek to work in blocks of manageable parts that you can work on steadily. Give yourself a small reward every time you finish a block, and yes give yourself a huge reward when you finish! Reward milestones and progress and work in efficient blocks. One step at a time.
  5. Me Time. One of the most overlooked aspects of a working ‘9 to 5 slave system’ life is allocating time to yourself. Plan and write down a segment of each day that you can take at least 30-60 minutes to just unwind and do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is more. Don’t think, don’t check email, don’t call your friend, don’t Facebook, don’t Instagram and don’t Pokemon Go. Just sit, relax, breathe and let your mind recharge even with some music and/or the outdoors. You will come back refreshed and more able to lever the time you have. In addition, take a dedicated break ‘away’ from all tasks for one day, a weekend or an entire week if required to increase your productivity when you come back.
  6. Tech Head. Technology is hamper for productivity. It can suck us in with promises of simple task management, planning, and keeping us ‘apparently’ in the loop.  Use a simple task manager if it suits your work style, but give yourself limits on social networking sites, checking email, and even text messaging. Ironically, there are really cool apps and software packages that help increase your productivity, so be careful and mindful of how you’re levering their help. Stay away from the distractions however it is ok to come back for a quick break to stay in the “loop”.
  7. Learning is King. The day you stop learning is the day you stop evolving and your quality of content will be hampered. Keep reading, trying new things, and implementing them. Lever your ability to read, start listening to audiobooks in the car to and from work, and even during workouts.  The world is a modern world now so what ever you can learn and absorb that is of value, do it.  Course, people, online and face to face.  Do anything that progresses you forward.

Use leverage the right way and you can free yourself from the mundane things that you never want to do, allowing yourself the ability to create the things that motivate you, inspire you, and keep you pushing toward the weekend.  Your passion should be revolving around the time your leverage.

More time = more time for things of passion.

I would be interested to hear of your experiences with leverage and what works and what does not. Hope these tips help you. 


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About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

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Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

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