Well…onto week 4!

I am slowly adapting to my new “Daily Eating Routine” and I must say I am loving it.  The food is amazing, I love going to the markets and I feel like I am in total control of my health.

I have removed all Basmati rice and have added heaps more vegetables this week including Bok Choy in 3 different varieties, Apple Cucumbers, Silverbeet and Squash.

Taking 5 x Fish oil per day with approx 500mg of EPA and DHA per cap!

I will do a “One Cue At A Time” video on how to tell the difference between one fish oil brand and another.  Coming Soon!

I did not have any meat, no chicken or beef, except some tuna and sardines that I had in the cupboard. I decided to clear everything out including a heap of beans and 5 bean mixes and added these all together with chickpeas to make a protein mash.

Moving 100% towards Chickpeas and Teff for breakfast with 2 eggs from ethically farmed suppliers.

Taking L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine supplements along with Vitamin D, D3, A, C, Multi Vitamin, MSM, Vitamin K2, Iodine, Tongkat Ali, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.

Pill popping however no doctors and no medicine in sight and I don’t plan on changing this scenario any time soon.

I would rather supplement than take medicine….agree?

Will be introducing spelt flour into the regime somewhere being mindful of the carbs however amazed by how much protein there is in it.

I admit…..I love fresh bread.  Spelt bread may be in my future in moderation.

Still following the electric and alkaline foods as suggested by Dr Sebi and this motivates me to stay on track.



Todays shopping from the local Farmers Markets.


Big chilli…! Just thought I would share it! 🙂


No lines at the markets when you get there at crack of dawn! Make the effort and be rewarded!

Have also sourced bulk Wild Rice, Turmeric, Cumin and have been researching into Magnesium Oil, Alpha-lipoic Acid and Glutathione (GSH).

Will blog about these very soon as they are game changers to longer life and anti-ageing.

Have a great week and keep on taking life and better health by the horns!




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