I feel that most people have at times in their lives felt awkward in front of the camera and I can say I am no different although these days I am feeling a lot better about the experience.

Do you agree?

Do you cringe at the thought of a photo or a video?

I feel the below picture sums up this experience.

Not one of my best.


I have never been a person to take selfies and share them on Instagram or Facebook however it is very clear that people like looking at people and there is always a fascination with other peoples lives.

When it comes to business in 2017 it is also an integral part of your success.

Social media, Youtube, Steemit and online presence must have elements of who you are so people will engage in your product and service.

You have to be able to express yourself in front of a camera to encourage higher engagement, interaction, attention and response.

They want to know who is really behind the scenes.

Because in the past it did not come naturally for me to do these things and I generally keep my shirt on during my posts (that is what mum told me to do), I have had to work harder on my video and social media representation.

This is because I have businesses that rely on these perceptions and it is just business good practice to focus on what works.

In todays society there is an evolution going on and social media has played a major part in that evolution.

People are getting better at being in front of the camera and the only thing that holds people back is confidence.

Here are some tips that I use for better content and comfort in front of the camera.

10 Tips – How To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Just let yourself go and think happy thoughts. Enjoy the moment. Don’t focus on the camera as that will show in the photo. We don’t want to look like a kangaroo in the headlights.  Your thoughts will read on your face so you need to be aligned with the expression you want to show.

2.Be authentic, just yourself

Just be you.

Just be.

Just do what makes you feel comfortable and always share yourself in a vulnerable way.

Vulnerability is the secret and people will relate to you if you just be you.

Arrogance and over confidence or anything manufactured just looks and sounds weird and people are not likely to resonate.

The best version of you is the one that expresses themselves openly.

3.Document life rather than create content

Don’t try to create content rather try to document real things like your life, feeling, emotions, experiences and thoughts.

These are what people want more off.

Even opinions and perspectives are important as it will encourage others to express theirs.

4.Let your mind go and stop giving so much of a fu%k.

Crude but true. Stop giving a shit what others think of you.

Just do what you need to do for you.

Piss the naysayers off out of your life and surround yourself with positive people.

5.Practice, practice and practice

The only way you get good at something is by doing more of it.

Practice does not make perfect however it goes a long way to making you better.

6.Review, learn and apply

Review your past work and take out of it what you can.

Think of ways you can and need to improve.

Repeated words and mannerisms that you feel could do with an adjustment.

7.Share how you feel

Express yourself without consequence.

This is one of my biggest attributes as I really don’t care if someone does not like my feelings or opinion.

They are mine not theirs and it is important to stand by your values and stand by your beliefs.

This however does not mean you maintain a fixed mindset.

You must be open to new perspectives and information so you can evolve.

The wold is full of lies so if you hold onto regurgitated information I feel you will be in for a rude shock.

8.Share what you know

If you are an expert in something or you are a leader in your field how about you consider sharing those skills and knowledge.

People want to learn and evolve and that happens via sharing in all their formats.

Writing, videos and audio is where we can pave changes in our society.

9.Take the good with bad

Some days you are going to have a bad hair day.

That is life.

Suck it up and keep going.

The key here is to just be consistent and keep evolving your skill set.

This way you will have more good days that bad and you will enjoy the rewards of expression.

10.Be consistent and keep going

No one ever got good at anything by quitting.

Failure is only evident when you stop and if your intent is good then you will do ok.

It will also take time to develop your style, your follower base and also be prepared to adapt and change your approach along the way.

It is very normal to do that however just don’t stop sharing and being you.


“Doubt” is not a lack of trust. It is a TOTAL TRUST in an undesirable or unpreferred reality. You do not need to “develop” trust, since you are always 100% TOTALLY TRUSTING in SOMETHING. You only need to FOCUS your trust on a preferred reality, rather than an unpreferred one.

“Try” implies you are keeping the back-door open for failure. The word “try” presumes you are believing there is a large possibility of NOT achieving your goal. “Trying to do” something is totally different than “doing”.

I hope this article gave you some value and feel free to leave how you feel about the camera below for discussion.



SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.

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