A MOVEMENT towards a #BetterLife

What will it take for you to achieve genuine success and happiness in life?  

I believe it starts with knowledge, understanding and action.


Essential Knowledge

“A day of insight, awareness, life skill development, learning and better living”

  • Crucial Understanding – Learn the significance of occult knowledge that will fulfil your life and provide a greater understanding of our reality and connection to the universe.
  • Awakening – Learn about the 9 Natural Laws and how to obtain a higher state of awareness and consciousness through mindset and behavioural attitudes.
  • Spark of LifeLearn about the 3 most important amino acids that will extend your life and reduce the effects of ageing.
  • Cellular Absorption – Learn how to best hydrate cells, skin and blood to avoid ageing and susceptibility to disease.
  • Electric & Alkaline Foods – Learn about which foods create the strongest electrical response at a cellular level which ensures the body utilises nutrients, energy and minerals in order to extend life.
  • The Third Eye – Learn about the importance of the Pineal Gland and why decalcifying it is crucial to a higher state of consciousness and better health.
  • Essential Supplementation – Learn which supplements, vitamins and nutrients are best taken and when for the best results for a longer life, a healthier body and a better connection with the universe.
  • The Spirit Molecule – Learn the importance of DMT and its connection with the Pineal Gland and a higher state of consciousness.
  • Universal Resonance – Learn about the importance of energy, frequencies and vibrations and how they affect our biology and health and how to negate the affects of EMF and disharmonious energy.
  • Sacred Scales & Geometry – Learn the importance of numerological sequences and how they connect us to the universe, our energy source and our life path.

Investment $432 

8 Hour Full Day Course 



Progressive Fitness Program

“Are you seeking a training program that takes you from UNFIT2FIT in 12 weeks, progressively and intelligently?”

  • 12 week progressive process of workouts, nutrition, learning and development.
  • Videos, PDF’s, nutrition guidelines, better lifestyle systems and progress tracking.
  • Daily accountability system.
  • Unlock specialised videos , blogs, articles, recipes, offers and prizes simply via your participation
  • Latest training techniques with all regressions and progressions. 

Investment $432

12 Week Online Program 



Startups, New Business & Concepts

“Want to start a new business, concept, lifestyle or idea and need a structured plan, mentor and coach?”

  • 5 stage process of learning and development.
  • Up to 96 hours of strategic development and coaching with a 12+ week implementation plan.
  • Business, financial, and marketing plans. 
  • 42 step creative process, brainstorming, planning and collation 
  • Latest marketing techniques, lead generations and social media action plans. 
  • 24/7 accountability and development coach.
  • All clients will receive a 1:1 “Clarity” session & “Ambition” establishment session (Via Skype).
  • Establish your vision, mission, commitment and attitude.
  • Your Growth Mindset (compulsory pre-requisite)

**Price can vary on application however most small to mid size businesses and concepts.

Minimum Investment $5432

(additional costs my be required applicable)


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