I enjoy researching life and the universe for what it really is and I feel morally obligated to share what I learn.

I am merely planting seeds with the hope you will do more research yourself.

Following is a list of nutrition and lifestyle tips to support a greater connection with our origins.

Feel free to add to this in the comments section.

A List

  1. Detoxify your body from heavy metals by removing mercury fillings, removing heavy metals from your environment and supplementing on Liposamal Glutathione, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin K2, Iodine, MSM, distilled and structured water.
  2. Avoid all added refined and sugars of all varieties
  3. Sun gaze in the evenings and mornings (dusk/daw) or during the day strictly through your eyelids (carefully). Also be sure to have palms facing sun and sitting on your bare feet.
  4. Detox from Chemtrails and heavy metals and nano particles; learn how & why.
  5. Fast at least once per year – 7 to 30 days to clear your intestines from toxic mucoid plaque to enhance your health, reduce ageing and increase vibrational frequencies.
  6. Drink colloidal silver for conductivity and better health
  7. Drink Auro liquid gold which comes from volcanos for improved health
  8. Eat chickpea flour, water and spices instead of eggs for omelettes
  9. Hug big trees often to increase your vibrational frequency
  10. Oil Pulling with turmeric and coconut oil for whiter healthier teeth
  11. Drink organic coffee only as the rest contains pesticides design to lower your frequency
  12. Drink Matcha instead of green tea as the benefits are ten fold
  13. Eat wild rice only as all others are hybrids
  14. Drink Cedar Tea for highest level of Vitamin C
  15. Avoid flour based breads and wheat
  16. Eat Chaga mushrooms for the best antioxidants
  17. Grow hemp and consider vaping THC for a greater connection with universe and better health
  18. Eat Chickpeas and Garbanzo beans only
  19. DMT – The Spirit Molecule! We need to consume more of this.
  20. Consider vaping THC to negate effects from Gwen towers and EMF
  21. Only eat Burro or Baby bananas as all else are GMO hybrids
  22. Only eat seeded fruits as all seedless types are GMO hybrids
  23. Avoid Cauliflower, Broccoli, Celery and Carrots as they are GMO hybrids
  24. Decalcify your Pineal Gland with MSM, K3, Iodine, Vitamin D and D3, Fish oil, meditation, listen to 963Hz or 936HZ and all music in A= 432hz and remember to sungaze daily.
  25. Spend 45minutes on the bare earth with bare feet everyday to reconnect and recharge your vibrations.
  26. Learn different breathing techniques and understand how energy, health and breathing rhythms are connected.
  27. Drink filtered and distilled mineralised (70+ minerals including silver) and ensure it is energised and vitalised. Anything else is unorganised, clustered and toxic.
  28. Consume B12, B17, Nutrient Dense Electric Foods, Structured Water, Vitamin C, D & D3 to prevent cancer whilst maintaining a blood PH level of 7.35.
  29. Eat squash not potatoes
  30. Eat seeded limes not lemons
  31. Eat Teff instead of Oats
  32. Avoid SOY at all costs and this includes Edamame Beans
  33. Wear Shungite and/or Orgonite and ensure there is plenty around your living and working areas.
  34. Learn and practice meditation to heal from EMF and move towards higher vibrations
  35. Learn about ketosis, ketones and learn to understand that higher healthy fat and lower carb diets are the best long term healthy option for most humans.
  36. Listen to music only tuned to Pythagorean sacred scales (A=432hz) and the Solfeggio Frequencies (EG: 528hz is a Major 3rd of A=432hz)
  37. Keep your vibrational biofield at 60Mhz or higher at all times. Anything lower and you will start to die, age and become susceptible to disease.

Updated March 4th 2017 – This list will be updated as I learn more……

The Matrix – A Perspective Worthy Of Research

Especially in western society, the reality we were born into as a child is an indoctrinated, well financed, web of lies based on 100’s of years of direct manipulation by the Roman and British Empire (whom has conquered most countries since 200AD).

A club of Freemasonry and Occult Knowledge.

This club of “Old Wealth” has since formed a very strong coalition with very wealthy Jewish banking cartels, corporates and oil barons with families of wealth dating back over 500+ years.

The Vatican is a front.

The US Goverment is a front.

These corporate influencers on our society will do anything to maintain control, maintain the resources, maintain the gold, maintain the oil and ensure your personal slavery to the 9 to 5 grind is ensured and remains loyal via mind control and media manipulation.

It revolves around the Energy of Economics and that is all they care about.

This breathing capitalist society we live in is owned literally by a few human families.

Nothing is as it seems.

Research and dive into the Rabbit Hole.

Take the red pill however be aware you can not and will not come back.

Extra Values & Thoughts

  1. Turn off the TV/Phone/Tablet often
  2. Grow your own food
  3. Harness your own energy
  4. Create
  5. Share
  6. Learn
  7. Move
  8. Experiences
  9. Adventure
  10. Leap
  11. Love
  12. Be Grateful
  13. Become Self-Sustainable

Additional Cool Stuff

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Everything is connected.  Energy, frequencies and vibration is what we are and everything revolves around the research into these areas.  Understand energy and you will start to understand life.



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