Self-Development as a value

Personal development is a life long process. Self-development should be seen as an opportunity. A moment not to be missed as everyday we have the ability to learn something and progress our lives forward.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.  All it takes is a dedication to self.

Look to install self development as a personal value. When we install and live by our values, our lives become more deliberate and reflect more of who we really are as people.  It is easy to let your values slip by and have life pass you by as you forget what you stand for and allow circumstances dictate the result.  I suggest looking to install self development as a key value in life. When you do this it becomes the forefront of your focus and helps making decisions that benefit your growth easier to make.

My top 10 personal values are Self-Development, Passion, Commitment, Consistency, Integrity, Imagination, Making A Difference, Gratitude, Resilience & Creativity.

Focus on aims, ambitions and goals in life.  Life is an adventure and if you want to develop as a person you need to experience things to obtain the necessary lessons and information.  So the premise here is to do things.  The doing enables you to progress.  Setting targets and goals will allow you to establish direction and a sense of control.  The key to succeeding with any goal is to ensure you understand the process involved to succeed. What do you have to do to get there?

Realise and maximize your potential through learning.  There is something really liberating about learning new things.  Those “ah ha” moments that make us feel a little silly when we realise we did not know as much as we thought we did.  If you want to excel at something then you need to do the work and this includes the background research, work and learning. The more you know about a subject or a skill the more likely you will be able to apply it to your life and find progressive improvement and application.

Commit to yourself on a daily basis. Remember your self worth? Your daily routine must contain elements of self development and at any degree. Every day you take a step forward or make time to apply some learning and practice in a field of choice or towards your own physical health is one day closer to becoming the person you really want to be.

Get involved in activities that you feel are important.  I feel that when we engage with people or events that we are passionate about or they align with our belief systems we have an opportunity to freely express ourselves.  Allocating time to things you enjoy doing and that you are interested in simply makes sense. Do more of that. Find issues that are important to you and get actively involved. Make a difference.

Help others which boosts self-worth.  Nothing better than supporting or guiding someone else especially at times when it matters most.  It not only liberates them but it liberates and empowers yourself.

Giving is good for you. Give more than you take. If find that giving can be a very simple way to enforce a greater self value as it is an action of integrity and respect.  The act of giving says a lot about who you are.

Invest energy in transcendent goals and activities that extend beyond one’s self interest.  The world does not revolve around you and when you genuinely focus on the interests of others and utilise the feelings of selflessness your world can become a very power full place.

Let life live through you. We all have distractions in life. Work, family and commitments.  We must find ways of living. Living life in a way that supports our sanity and our passions. Focus on this and find ways to live your life and let the energy of what you love to do flow.

Fall in love with the journey.  This is one of the most important tips I can give anyone. When you allow the journey to become a part of who you are and you truly love the progression and the aspects involved life becomes enriched.  If you are learning something everyday you are evolving. Fall in love with that feeling. Empowerment is the evolution of who you are via awareness.

Read more books.  By the time I was 12 I had read over 2000 books as my mother was a book worm and I was infected. Everything from Asimov to Orwell.  My bedroom had three walls of books and one toy box.  It was the best.  I loved reading.  So here is my simple message, read more books.  Other people have so much to share and their stories are valuable. I am always learning from others. It takes a deliberate action to read a book however you only have to start with one page at a time. Try it.

Enrol in courses and be prepared to learn. Book it in! That is what I do. As much as I can. Booking into courses and taking steps towards your growth is a deliberate action. Learn things that will help you progress. What do you need to know to help you take the next step forward in life? Go and learn about that!

Surround yourself with greater people than yourself. You will always become the average of those around you so make sure to surround yourself with greatness. This can come in various ways. Online communities, your direct environment, your team mates and the books and literature you read. It all contributes to your development.

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About Coach Sebastian
About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

He has a passion for creation and believes strongly in process, self awareness, and diligent planning and is here to make an impact in your life.

Sebastian is the Founder and CEO of 6 startup companies and has travelled to over 24+ countries with the aim of self exploration.

He has also dedicated his most recent stage in life to coaching people towards better lives via his coaching & gym network.

He has played world cups in his sport at the top level for his country and is discovering more about himself each day via the diversity of information and opportunities available to him.

Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

"A movement towards a #betterLIFE" ~ Sebastian

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