Gold and silver is a hedge against big movements in the markets and it is always worth having some precious metals within your portfolio.

It is also a solid investment over the long term as it holds energy of economics.

How much should you hold exactly?

I would say what ever you can sustain and is suitable for your circumstances.

When you should you buy?

Consistently and on the dips as there are plenty to choose from when they use their phony paper silver and gold to manipulate prices.

Play a smart game and diversify.

10%+ of your net worth is healthy however I do actually hold more than this as I feel a major correction and movement is going to occur soon in the next two years or sooner for the precious metals sector and in particular silver.

It is inevitable and will occur once the markets decide they can no longer support the world wide derivative and housing bubbles that we see in so many western countries.

The debt can no longer be propped up and it will have to be released and when it does the manipulation of gold and silver will also cease.

The price should sky rocket to say 300% to 500% and then settle at a new average.

I could be wrong as I am not an expert, just a regular guy with an opinion.

Please be diligent.

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About Coach Sebastian
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