2017 was a ride and was full of manipulation, FUD, forks and emotional roller coasters.

However anyone that held onto the rails and got through to 2018 would have done pretty well and those who strategically traded with intelligence probably did very well.

2018 will be no different in the sense of growth.

this space is designed to succeed and 2018 will be the official year of the rise of Crypto as we see up to 5% of the worlds population start to take crypto on board in various ways at a mainstream level.

More regulation will be dealt however I feel a lot of incentive will be provided to get involved even if at entry level into BTC.

For new comers it is about learning to ride the waves not just in regard to investment but in emotion.

Crypto is highly volatile and that won’t change for some years to come until teh market caps reach a sustainable level of growth that support stability.

What market caps do we need to see this?

I am not too sure however if the entire financial market is 65 Trillion, then lets say 10 Trillion would be a good mark.

I suspect we will see 2-4 trillion enter the space this year which means now is a great time to get involved as it will race away again as we saw in 2017 (not advice, just an opinion).

Learn how to the play the game.

Zoom out.

Identify cycles and be aware that the space is manipulated so it pays to be on the right waves.

Only the good tech will survive in the end and the coins with the most attention at certain moments will thrive.

January we see a pattern forming.

A January slump.

Same time for the last 4 years.

Will we see it again in 2019?

I have put in a reminder into my diary to keep my eye on it.

Basic Crypto 101.

  • Best Coins = Identify solid communities, solid technology, product and fundamentals.
  • Best Strategy = Buy early, Buy big and Hold (within means)
  • Buy Low, Sell High (optional to holding and takes experience)
  • Identify the cycles, learn the patterns and trade less often for a solid, conservative approach.
  • Crypto is high risk and high return so be diligent and remember the space has a zero tolerance for “emotional trading”.
  • Look through FUD and learn to accept most of its “MANUFACTURED” to sway opinion and perspective. It is a game.

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The space is in my opinion is 100% fixed to succeed with bots, large trading budgets and AI is quite clearly already in place to support a successful transition of crypto into the financial sector.

The FUD and community driven emotion can become a distraction to the reality.

Those who are in this year will do well if they follow basic crypto protocol and ensure their emotional helmet is securely in place.

Volatility means emotional rides. It is stressful for anyone new.

Learn to watch for the cycles where coins are group together and always look at the zoomed out picture of the entire market cap.

Highs and lows are not identified on a 12 hour chart unless you are day trading.

Best to zoom out to 30 days, 180 days and 365 and look for the major waves.

What can you see?


Let me know what you think of all this and what do you expect in 2018?

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~ Sebastian

Please NOTE: All videos and articles are not financial advice. These are 100% personal commentaries and opinions. 


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