Ripple is one of those coins that the decentralised community does not really support and that premise has a lot of merit because it is centralised and there are numerous liquid Ripple coins held by a few people which could put the future price of Ripple at risk if these coins hit the market.

However, Ripple just keeps surging!


I feel it is because of big money (numerous banks) and a very strategic flooding of the market using liquid Ripples to support and prop the price over extended periods of time which allows the price to continue its upward surge (just my theory).

I feel it is time to look past the hype and look at the coins that will do well in the long term.

Who has a foundation?

Who has a long term mainstream public adoption plan?

Who communicates well and supports ongoing development?

These coins are the ones I am interested best generic phentermine 37.5 in.

I feel coins such as Steem, BitShares, EOS, PeerPlays, Golos and regulating entities such as BitGate will do the best in the future and they are on the Graphene.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

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Have a great day!


PS: the chart below shows the very aggressive movement of Digibyte today….massive Pump (don’t be a FOMO) and no doubt DUMP as there does not seem to be any real news to report for such a price rise.

However for investors I hope this is a start of something great.





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