Are we sitting in a crypto bubble or is this just a surge of faith into a new store of wealth and value?

I personally can’t compare this sector with the housing bubble or the derivative bubble as these two bubbles are saturated markets and over inflated markets due to manipluation and abuse.

Therefore it is not a traditional bubble.

Are certain cryptocurrencies over inflated or sitting in their own bubble in these early stages?

I feel this may be true to a degree however the sector is far from saturated so it is hard to call it a bubble however be mindful of the coins that were initially pumped, inflated and fluffed as these will not stand the test of time.

There is no doubt peoples attention will move from one coin to another and the crowd will go where there is a proven record of trust, community and actual development.

Bitcoin has already proven this and 7 years later and hundreds of new millionaires around the world, who for many are still holding Bitcoin, can testify that it has done them justice.

There will always be ups and downs in a liquid market.

I feel the future will be reliant on the cryptocurrencies that deliver real time value, services as well as a store of value.

Bitcoin is a stand alone value of wealth.

Below picture is market cap growth since 2013.

Ethereum is similar however has an amazing blockchain with a series of alt-coins providing extra services that will benefit society.

Coins such as Digibyte, BitShares and the EOS system will also do well in my opinion due to their diversity, speed and evolution of the entire blockchain tech sector and you may find the leaders that will be prominent in 20 years are found here as the Bitcoins and Ethereums show there vulnerability and obsolete characteristics.


What do you think of the future?

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