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Have you ever considered that there is a shadow price for Gold and Silver?

I never did until today however I am aware that the price of gold and silver is heavily undervalued especially silver.

This has been discussed before however I acknowledge that something will have to give soon in regard to the precious metals price.

There will be an influx in price at some stage in the near future and we will see a a new all time high for the sector and then a new settling price for gold and silver one the monetary system converts to the new digital age of cryptocurrencies.

So what is the real price of gold.

According to King World News it is between $20,000 and $150000 US per oz.

This sounds exuberant however I feel it is accurate when you look at the ratio between current fiat currency and the availability of ‘disclosed to public’ gold reserves.

Gold and silver are and always will be stores of value.

They are real and they exist.

There is no doubt that the price of gold and silver should be higher and if the manipluation was not in place I feel the precious metals market would climb to unprecedented levels.

Once the Bitcoin sector and the cryptocurrency sector are finally recognised by the mainstream I feel we will see a change in the attitude towards the manipulation of gold and it will exponentially rise to a true market value which will accelerate all that hold physical gold to new levels of wealth.



For those stacking cryptos I feel you should/could consider stacking the real deal too.

Gold and Silver!

What do you feel is going to happen?

Will gold be re-pegged to a cryptocurrency at $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000?

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