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I have recently been looking into other investment opportunities within the crypto asset space and this week I came across Bowhead Health – which is delivering a supplement dispenser (product) and associated application on the blockchain.

Bpwhead is the first medical device powered on the blockchain and I feel the team and the product aligns with my direction fro better health as a fitness and health coach.

I would like to see more movements towards products and initiatives that support changes to our environment and education that supports health and I can see Bowhead Health being part of that new direction.

This device specifically delivers supplements/medication at specific times in alignment with an amazing application with on line experts, diagnostics and information based on your needs and personal requirements.


The reason this product caught my attention was when Dr. Rhea Mehta mentioned ‘cellular health’ as this is a term I use all the time when explaining health to my clients and getting people to look beyond prescription based symptom relieving medications and seeking more from their environment and life choices.

Bad environmental factors, poor supplementation, harmful energy and vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a major player in our health and I feel this is what we need to be talking about more often and educating our youth how to implement better awareness to these factors from an early age.

Bowhead is attacking the problem from a supplement point of view with a device that will give you an advanced service will advice from experts and diagnostics in real time.

Download the white-paper and have a read for yourself what they are offering and see if this is something you feel you want to be aligned with.

As I discussed in my video with full transparency I am doing this blog because I am invested and believe in the product and it will support my own portfolio out of interest and personal beliefs.

I also mentioned that I can potentially make a few extra coins for my time and I am disclosing this and this is the first time I have been able to do so for any of my content and I will always tell you if this is the case.

No agendas just my own interest in a great initiative.

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About Coach Sebastian
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