Please watch my video for my perspective and review.

No doubt there is a wealth of information for everyone to absorb however the biggest issue we have is that we are distracted, clouded by belief systems, shrouded by cognitive dissonance and generally just lazy.

We are bombarded with illegitimate MSM which by now if anyone believes this rubbish is simply a fool in my mind.

When it comes to investments I feel the best thing you can do is be patient and absorb as much information as you can, not just at the initial entry point however throughout the investment journey because things change, projects evolve and sometimes we just miss that crucial bit of information.

Get information from people smarter than yourself and people invested in the project directly.

News from the horses mouth is better than the Chinese whisper.


Into window 12 and I feel we will see a steady average in price and I will bet my house on the fact that the team and Dan Larimer will present crucial development news at some stage to boost the EOS stature.

I also feel the EOS platform will be ready very soon and we will see this news accelerate the ICO price to new highs.

I would be getting ready for that news.

See Dan’s comment below.



I feel we will see some big news from Digibyte and I will take a punt that they will launch a new website and possibly branding too.

No doubt DiguSign is close and there will be news on collaborative efforts to bring this technology forward.

This is speculation, however I am confident the Didgibyte team will deliver in the next 2 years.

Bitcoin & That Forking Issue (Segwitx2) 

I feel that we will see a pretty much a non event in rgeard to Bitcoin and the hardfork.

If anything it is just hype and a talking point at the moment.

26th July to 1st August may be turbulent or it may just come and go.

Time will tell.

What will be the price of Bitcoin by the end of the year?

Here is some speculation.

Bitcoin Going Mainstream

Cheeky bugger holding up a Buy Bitcoin sign behind Yellen as she discusses having the Fed Audited.

I feel times are changing and the mindset behind crypto assets are evolving and we will see an influx of capital enter the space in 2018/2019.

If you are invested, stacking and holding for the future, you will do a lot better than those that don’t.

The Space Is Still A Baby

When comparing the space as a whole and lets say Bitcoin on its won we will find that the overall capital is minuscule compared to the entire monetary system and various other individual sectors such as the stocks, physical money and gold markets.

Even when you compare it to some individuals such as Bill Gates you will see it is still dwarfed and has 100x of growth ahead…maybe even more.


Interesting times ahead.

What do you think about all of this?


Bitcoin Talk – @SebastianJago


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